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Increasing Website Traffic Free

Increasing Website Traffic Free

Every website owner can do what ever it takes to get lots of traffic. But before that, what kind of traffic do need and did you take time to think about; How to increase traffic on your website. My concern here is not about increasing traffic just, but how to do it in the right manner that won’t harm your website ranking.

The Internet Has Really Changed

Looking back to 2000 land of Cyberspace, things have changed a LOT.

In fact, These days the changes happen quickly. They come without warning and if you are not up to date on the latest trends, your business can be ripped right from under your feet.

The good thing is that, the Internet in 2018 and beyond looks very bright for those that are willing to move by the rules. But for those who are looking for loopholes in the search engine algorithms, looking to make money through “automation tools”, and make money product buyers”, really don’t have a lot of hope in the mere future.

Before we continue with our cool and awesome traffic “increasing” techniques, I want to show you some of the major changes and how it will impact your business going forward.

Google Panda & Penguin Updates

From 2010-2016 Google narrowed the door for some very large corporations and mult-million dollar businesses. Traffic was chopped. The premise for the algorithmic change at Google came down to a few things.

First, people were playing in search engine rankings by “faking” link popularity. Large companies like; got the SEO door slammed on their face because they were paying for people to place links on their website. There were many others. In fact, millions of websites were impacted by these rankings updates.

These manufactured incoming links had no connection with the content on their sites and were obviously bought. Google discredited these back-­links and their search engine rankings were dropped downwards…in some cases, completely vanishing websites altogether from the search engines.

These are what we can call, “back links” and anyone trying to sell you on the idea of manufactured back links these days is living in the golden ages.

They attacked content firms that had a lot of copied low quality content directories like articles,, and noted big traffic losses overnight when the Panda came down on many of the pages in their websites

Google in the Real Time

Instead of focusing on substantial updates like Google Panda, Penguin (or other animals), Google has changed to a real time environment with their search rankings.

This is a good thing in many ways. Not only do they, have better perception into what is improving the quality of their search results in a real time manner, but we, as online marketers, have much more awareness into what is working for search and what is not.

There has been something that has been clear and constant since day ONE though with Google search rankings. Google is after quality, relevant and detailed content and those that fulfill this are continuing to reap the huge SEO benefits i.e; traffic and revenue

Social Networking


Google +1




Snapchat and many more


All of these have an impact in your rankings now, and if not directly, they can surely generate a great deal of traffic. If you are not into social networking yet, then you may want to rethink about it.

I have tried several tests with my content on a variety of my websites, After publishing my content, I have noticed that it can take a little longer to get indexed and ranked in Google without social sharing.

In some cases before, when I published new content on my website I can be several pages down in the search. With a little of social sharing and motivating engagement on your new content, you can definitely (a) elevate the indexing speeds, and (b) rise your overall rankings.

Social share all of your content that you create on the following social networks and this should be a priority with each page/post that you create on your website:

● Google Plus




●snapchat and more.

I will be discussing more about this in my coming soon articles.

People tend to get confused about SEO because they fail to see what Google is and what their business is based on.

Let me ask you this…

What do you think Google is searching for when they return search results?

If you think of the following then you would be incorrect

  1. content
  2. keywords
  3. meta tags
  4. titles
  5. Back-links
  6. This seems a necked-brass statement, but Google doesn’t really care much about any of these at the core of their business. They are using these as ranking metrics because of them looking for QUALITY CONTENT.

Here is the Core of SEO

If you want to rank well in Google now and rank well in Google more years from now, you have to put emphasis on creating quality, detailed, helpful and engaging content.

That is what Google wants and with every single Panda, Penguin or other search update that gets rolled out, they continue to get better and better at finding the quality content and punishing low quality content.

I have always focused on quality content within every page or post that I create. In fact, I create content that delicately targets keywords, but not stuffing keywords in there. It is getting a keyword topic and then delivering a powerful and informative topic.

I am informing you right now. If you build quality, detailed, helpful, engaging content, and make that your focus, Google “will” find and rank your entire website well.

How to Increase Traffic on Your Website through – KEYWORDS

There has been misconception about the “point” of using keywords on your website and I want to clarify the term “keyword”.

First, what is a keyword?

A keyword is a word that someone types into a search engine (like Google). It is when they are searching for something. It could be absolutely anything. For example, if someone was looking gold watches for men, they may search for something like this in Google.

When someone types in this search, Google provides them with what they find as the most relevant and useful search results. These results are websites like the ones that you can create within Wealthy Affiliate.

How do you get ranked under keywords?

Engaging, quality content…will lead you to get rankings under that keywords.

People often think they need to create their content for search engines because that is where their websites get ranked, yet in reality search engines are looking for quality, engaging content that focuses on the people reading it.

A keyword is the most useful thing an online marketer can understand as it is the premise of someon e looking for help. If you can help someone, you can build a business on that basis Once you have a keyword, your next step is to create natural content targeting that keyword…in this case, I would target “Gold watches for men” within my website content.

Also, if you understand the metrics of keywords (low competition, traffic volume) through keyword tools like, you are going to have a competitive advantage in any niche.

Important Note: When a website gets ranked on the 1st page in search engines, their relevant page comes up in the rankings and as a result, they will get traffic from the “people” searching those keywords.

So Keywords = Traffic!

Traffic = revenue

And once you have traffic, you have the opportunity to make money from your website in different ways. You can do this through affiliate programs, you can do this through advertising, or you can do this through the building out of an “email” list.

If I got ranked under the keyword “Gold watches for men”, there is a good chance my traffic would be interested in purchasing gold watches. If I sent them to the website selling gold watches through the affiliate program, I would earn a commission on each sale,

Making content your first and foremost priority must be your emphasis.

Creating your website, building out your content,targeting keywords, getting traffic and then earn money.

Don’t focus on the money initially, you will skip the important things that will lead you to actually making money so make the creating of quality content and targeting keywords your initial focus.

With that make sure when you are starting out a website that focuses is initially on get traffic before you earn money.

Once you create quality content, search engines will look for you.

Every page or post that you create on your website will target a keyword phrase. You should be targeting the “concept” of your content to a particular keyword. You should also be focusing on creating quality, detailed and helpful content that helps your reader.

There were days when people used to SPIN content and use automated tools to manufacture fake duplicate content that would “trick” Google and other search engines, but that is no longer relevant and actually will harm your website rankings.

Google tends to rank websites very well that do provide quality reader experience and as time goes on, they are getting a better and better grasp of what constitutes quality, engaging content, and what should be ranked high in their search results.

Those 1600 words can make you understand how to increase traffic on your website organically.

Let’s discuss more about keywords drop a comment below for engagement.




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  1. I don't really know how I can rank on search engine and also make my site to drive in traffic. I was able to see my site ranking on the search after reading this article, for over some months now my site find it very difficult in ranking on search result but now it does. Thanks to your help I am so happy to visit your website from the search I made on google on website ranking. Thanks for the lesson, God bless. We can be friends and checking each other sites from time to time.


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