How Does YouTube Pay for Videos?- Make Money Online Free

How Does YouTube Pay for Videos?- Make Money Online Free

In this article I am going to talk to about how you can start your YouTube channel, creating a couple of videos and start getting paid for creating content online. If you do not know who I am, I am Mansoor Mugalu, on a humble mission to expose the income secrets of online millionaires and I want to become one of them and I want to take you along the journey so if you want to learn how to do your own successful online business which will give you financial freedom please give me a favor like and follow and subscribe so that you can be notified each time I create content like this. My mission is to bring value to you. Today I want to talk to you about creating your own YouTube channel and videos just maybe some practical information about YouTube. YouTube the second largest search engine, a search engine is what people use to search and find information on internet, for example, when you want to find something online all you just do is go to google right. The second way in which people find out whatever they want to find out, they just go to YouTube and just type whatever that they are searching for because they will find the results in there. It is usually easier to watch a video about something that takes time maybe to read So, many people prefer to watch videos and also YouTube is owned by google so actually, they work hand in hand.

There are some crazy facts about YouTube, on average about three hundred hours of videos are uploaded on to YouTube every single second. Secondly, on average, about five billion videos are watched every single day on YouTube. Why is there so much content that’s being watched is because; people find it easier to learn from video, people find it easier to watch and get whatever content that they are looking for when it is in video format. Video makes things so nice and simple

So, what opportunities are there for you to create income for yourself using YouTube? Some so many people are using video rather than reading, rather than may listening to audio and other different ways of actually creating content. It’s an opportunity for you to create content that people what and people will start paying you for that content and am about to show you exactly how this is going to happen. Now let’s see how to start your YouTube channel about whatever topical or maybe something very specific which I recommend that you do focus on something very specific and make sure it is something that you love and enjoy.

So when you create content consistently different videos confusing maybe on the same thing but its different videos and different topics, what then happens is that you begin to get many people who are viewing your videos and then YouTube says to you that OK the number of views that you can get on your videos we start paying some money for it so two things, firstly the long the videos are and your ability to keep watching those videos, YouTube will reward for that, secondly the more videos that you create right, YouTube will pay you for that because it’s creating more opportunities for them to get advertises to post their address actually on your videos that the second way that you will start getting paid. The first one you get paid for the video used, the second one is that advertisers will start putting adverts on your videos you will ever notice that every time you search for certain video you see the video that you want you to click on it, the first five seconds there is always an advert that’s there. People are getting paid for allowing other people to put those adverts actually on their videos so that is the second way that you get paid. The third one is that more you create videos consistently and people start knowing about those videos it creates opportunities for you, firstly to be known as the expert, secondly create opportunities for you to get more income, for example, people can start calling you and inviting you to present in conferences and workshops.


They see you as the expert and some people will be willing actually to pay you money for you to talk about that thing may be in a live conference or may be even on line but you talk about that thing and they will pay you for it, that’s the reason why some people can get paid as much as twenty to fifty thousand dollars, to talk about something particular why, because they are perceived to be the expert and the way that you grow yourself and show that you the expert that the business people want to pay you for your work or pay you for your services is by consistently creating content mainly on particular products and then you sign up to be an affiliate for example if I create videos may be on an upcoming new apple phones and become known as the guy who knows everything about the apple phones, when people come to my videos and watch and they click on the link that I share on my YouTube channel or my videos and if they buy, I will then get paid commission for that so those are just four different ideas in which you can get paid to create video content. And let me tell you, the sky is the limit or there is no limit you can create video content on almost anything because people are always searching about different things so make sure that’s something firstly that you love and enjoy doing and secondly is something that eventually people would want to pay for information about it and then that’s how you can generate income. And anyway if you have a question about what I have just spoken about the YouTube channels and videos whatever it is that you might have, please make sure you ask in the comment section below, just forgo give ideas about different videos that you can create for example you create how-to videos, one of the reasons why so many people go on YouTube is because they are searching for how to do something and it’s always easy to learn something when you are watching it as compared to reading it, so you can create how-to videos.

Just create videos that people understand. Something and take them along journey and another thing that you can do just become a blogger, talk about your life, talk about your experiences, talk about the places that you are going as long as it is relevant to people that you are targeting and the people you are willing to pay attention to it then create it and my last point that I am going to say to you is that don’t think too much about it, a lot of people before they start creating videos, they always want to say okay, I want to make sure am very good at speaking so let me work on my speaking first and I want to make sure I have got the best equipment, I need to buy the right lighting and do this and I need to do that. My point is you just need to start, just focus on starting, get your content out there, get people to watch it and who knows where you are going to be in short space of time or long space of time so just make sure you start. Lastly please make sure you subscribe so that you get notified whenever I create content like this. See you guys soon.

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