Is KashTree a Scam?- Review 2020.


Is KashTree a Scam?- Review-2020.

You probably need to make more money to complement your income or need to quit your daily job and start making money online. It’s possible to create a fulltime income online but, it’s quite disgusting to fall prey for scammers who are eagerly waiting for anybody who is not aware of their schemes. That’s why it is very crucial to research any product before trying it out. On that ground, I thank you for taking this step, and I promise to provide an honest KashTree review based on facts. KashTree claims to be the #1 influencer network, which will enable you to make $500 per day through your social media account.

KashTree Summary.

Name: KashTree
Price: Free to join
Owners: Not sure
Overall Rank: 0.0 out of 100
Product type: Influencer network.
Recommended? No
Who is KashTree For? No one deserves to join this site apart from the owner.
KashTree Tools & Training: KashTree does not have any tools or training to help those who join their platform.
KashTree Support: No support

Scam/Legit: Scam!!!

What Is KashTree?

KashTree claims to be an influencer network that enables its members to earn $500 per day through their social media account. They also claim to have been in existence since 2015, paid 44 million dollars to their 30000 members. Even though KashTree is claiming all that, it looks more like other scam sites like NiceCash, PaidLeaf, RainMoney, CloutPay and many more.

Is CashTree a Scam?

Without wasting much time, I firmly assert that CashTree is a scam. You should stay away from it, and all sites that are related to it. I can’t just call it a scam without evidence, the red flags below will show you that KashTree is not a site to trust. Before showing you the reg flags, let me first show you how KashTree works.

How Does CashTree Work?

CashTree is free to join, and you will be given a $50 sign up bonus immediately after creating your account. You will also be paid $10 to $15 when you invite other people to join KashTree through your link. Also, you will receive $2 for anyone who clicks your referral link. Not only that but, also $30 to $50 is paid to you for any task you complete. This offer is really attractive no wonder people make $500 the actual day they join KashTree. But the question here is, will you receive this money? 

KashTree payment system

On their official website, they claim to pay via Paypal, CashApp, and email checks. But when you try to cash out your earning, they will display a message that you have to first get 25 clicks on your link, get five referrals, and complete at least five tasks before cashing. After fulfilling those requirements, an alert telling you to wait for 30 days will be displayed then after 30 days, they will close your account.

KashTree claims to have 300,000 members, on top of that they claim to have paid $44,000,000.

image showing kashtree false claims

Simple math

Kash tree claims to have 300,000 members multiply by $50 sign up bonus = $15,000,000.

Remember for anyone to cashout must fulfill the following.

  1.  Must refer 5 people and the payment is $10 per person = $50. now if 300,000 were paid it means they were paid $50per person multiply by 300,000 members = $15,000,000.
  2. Must at least have 25 clicks on his referral link and the payment is $2 per click multiply by 300000 members = 15,000,000.
  3. Must complete at least 5 tasks each task is 30 dollars = $150 multiply by 300,000 = $ 45,000,000.
  4. Total = 15,000,000+15,000,000+45,000,000 = $75,000,000.

Here we have two points which we should critically look at:

  •  If all members fulfilled the conditions before being paid, then they gave us the wrong figure.
  • For a website which is not even six months old, where did they get all this amount to pay the members? This creates a lot of suspicions and to me, it’s a red flag.

KashTree Red Flags

#1 False promises.

KashTree promises to you $50 for just signing up with them, this is a naked lie which they cant fulfill. Then about making $500 a day is also a lie because it is not money until it’s on your account. However much money you’ll make with KashTree, just know you won’t be paid.

Invalid Founding Date.

KashTree claims to have been founded in 2015 as you can see in the screenshot below.

kash tree suspicious about page image

But this is not true, as you can see that the actual founding date is 2019-08-11

Kashtree actual founding date image

Now I think, you can see how KashTree is playing around people’s minds.

#3 False Testimonials.

KashTree has some testimonials on their website, but all of them are fake, they are the same from other proved scam sites like NiceCash and RainMoney. You may find video promoting KashTree on youtube, just knowing those are members of NiceCash who are trying to complete some of their tasks, remember posting videos on YouTube is one the tasks one can complete. They promise to pay 50 dollars to anyone who uploads their videos on Youtube.

#4 Fake Payment Proofs

As stated earlier KashTree was founded on 11/08/2019 just but, you will find payments from April 2019.

Now how did these payments come about before the existence of KashTree?

Is There Any Other Alternative?

#1 Recommendation

The only alternative that can help you to generate reasonable income online, is by starting an online business. You will find out that this has been my advice in all my articles and product reviews. Below is my guide on how to select the right online business.

Selecting the right online business

Choosing the appropriate online business is the answer to being prosperous on the internet and creating passive earnings.

There is plenty of information you should understand when deciding to start an online business. For example, you must know that it takes time and commitment to create a business that will be successful and attractive to consumers. Consequently, one should use their time when choosing one.

Tips For Starting a successful online business.

  1. Make a Research: Finding a proper online business needs research, and therefore it should be someone’s number one priority. When making research find out if the business has the ability for lasting growth and to create passive income. Do not look for programs or products that promise quick money, look for an online program that is reasonably stabilized and has plenty of potential. It takes time, and effort to be able to bring customers and make profits.
  2. Customer: To have a strong online business, the one where you can make passive income, you’ll need dependable customers. Buyers are looking for businesses that offer high-quality products, great customer service, and consistency. It will develop confidence in customers.
  3. Product: If you aspire to have a successful online business that will produce a passive income, pick a product that you trust. Also, it shouldn’t be of poor quality because, in the end, it will lose you money, possible clients and time.
  4. Time: When creating a business online, it is normally recommended to not leave your day job. This is important because it will take a while to make sufficient revenue to survive. Consequently, you need to decide on the time you can dedicate to your online business.
  5. Niche: Before choosing your online business, be certain that it can compete with other businesses of its kind. Is there a tolerable room for your business? Is there an opportunity that your competitors are not detecting that perhaps you do, narrow down to that.
  6. Passive Income: Mostly those who start an online business want to create a passive income. The most reliable way to do that is to find the right TRAINING, GUIDE, AND SUPPORT.

Wealthy affiliate– My #1 Recommendation for beginners and experts.

To wrap this up, any site that promises quick cash by doing simple tasks is probably a scam. There should always be value for money. Start slowly step by step, you will be there soon. For any opinions, suggestions, or questions, please drop a comment below I will there for you.

46 thoughts on “Is KashTree a Scam?- Review 2020.”

  1. Hello! Thank you so much for your review of KashTree. I think this is so important that people read prior to getting involved and wasting their time in this. Unfortunately, there are so many scams out there, it’s terrifying! I personally would not want to put my personal information into a site like this. Thank you for the overview and what to expect with KashTree.

  2. I think this article is so straight forward enough and so explanative. A product with 0% rating is just so useless and with no good, also it has no definite owner which makes it not safe because I see no reason why the owner’s details shouldn’t be disclosed. Its really nice that you posted this, it’ll good newbies.

  3. Businesses of such kind that are just out there to waste your time and some take your money with it are just out there in numbers and some newbies are not quick to spoting these sites and realizing they are scam sites. Kashtree, a business without a genuine owner should be stayed clear off and just like i have seen this post, i will share on my social media platform for others to learn about it.

  4. Thankfully you have shared all of these here for people like us to get to know where to place our feet on the internet. Scamming is only getting more on the internet and thanks for sharing here. This kashtree review is a welcomed addition for me. I really like that you have pointed that it is strictly scam oriented. Thanks so much for sharing

  5. Oh wow, this is quite an interesting post with so much information to match the fact that you pointed out that kashtree is a scam. Evidently, they are only out there for their own selfish purpose. I like how you have explained all about the platform bad how it works. Nice work you put in here.

  6. I wonder how this Kash Tree makes money? If they can’t squeeze money from the people joining them as it is free to join this site, then maybe they’re squeezing money from advertisers and just using us to put up a claim to their advertisers that their site is being visited by a lot of visitors. If you join this site, then you become an accessory to their scammy ways, so I agree with the review, this is a scam and should be avoided. People are better off joining Wealthy Affiliate instead.

  7. hi  Thanks for sharing kashtree review. I found your article very useful .I came to know that kash tree is 100% scam after reading your review. KashTree claims to be an influencer network that pays you for sharing your referral link on social media platforms and sites like YouTube.It’s true, they’ll add money to your KashTree account when someone clicks your link. You’ll even earn money for signing up.

    If looking to make a few extra bucks online, online surveys and get-paid-to sites are a great way to do it. 

    Thanks for sharing review of kash tree

  8. it is amazing that people are out there taking funds from innocent people. I certainly would check reviews before starting a business online. It’s hard to navigate through all the fake business sites. Atleast you have alerted me to this site. What looks all shiny on the outside is simply a scam. Thanks for letting me know.

    • Thanks, Jordan

      In this information age, we need to research anything before wasting our valuable resources 

  9. I’m very glad I found your review of KashTree as I was seriously considering joining up today. I was quite impressed by what it seemed to be offering although something at the back of my mind just made me think it was too good to be true. That’s why I decided to do some research and thankfully found your post here. I’ll definitely give it a miss.

    Thanks for bringing Wealthy Affiliate to my attention. I’m going to go and check that out now instead

  10. The first scary thing about Kash tree is that it has a 0.00 rating! Thanks for this information, it’s really I important that we know where not to go in the very vast and growing internet world. Thanks for also mentioning similar fake companies. I’ll just stay with the tips you gave for starting a successful online business 

  11. Thanks for this review. The fact that no one can determine who is the CEO or the owner, sends the first red flag up for me. With a lot of these programs, if it sounds too good to be true, it likely is. The thing is that there are so many of them out there, including those others you listed, that for myself and others getting into the online business world we are grateful for reviews that help us to identify and stay away from scammers. Thank you

  12. Thank you for providing a service of finding scam companies like Kash Tree. I use the word company loosely. I am seeing more and more internet scams. Disgusting. I have found the best way to make a good income is with hard work and commitment. It is rewarding and fun. It is important to have fun at what you do also. It’s nit all about money. Thanks again for the great investigating. Larry

  13. Thanks for posting and sharing this review, it’s straight to the point and clearly stated.

    Luckily, I’ve never heard of KashTree before…and as much as I would like to start a business online, I’m usually very wary about these making money online things…granted I do believe that there are some legitimate online businesses out there and I have heard good things about Wealthy Affiliate.  I am going to look into Wealthy Affiliate.

    Good job!

  14. Very grateful to have this kind of articles, not only because it lets me which one is a scam so we should stay alert, I also find this content is very positive and gives me some encouragement.  I have begun my online affiliate marketing for nearly three months.  There are some advancement to my website such as getting indexed by Google, but no money has been earned.  This may be due to the short period of time and the required techniques I have not applied to.  Your article have stated out the useful tips for starting a successful online business.  Your efforts are appreciated.


  15. Mugalu,
    As a chemist working on a research project, I always researched the journals rather than relying on others’ words on the subject.  Don’t take this as being offensive.  Before writing this comment, I went to the KashTree site to investigate them myself.

    I have verified that the facts you presented and your skepticisms are valid.  I even went to and read their Terms and Conditions.  Basically, they stated that you must be 13 or older. [I question companies that permit anyone under the age of 18 signing up WITHOUT the verifiable consent of their parent(s). 
    It appears from their ‘terms…’ that they are located in Australia but use the American Arbitration rules for settling grievances. 

    There were many things about this ‘company’ which I have questions.  They also appear to be selling products through an affiliate program.
    They may be legitimate but a company that I would personally definitely avoid.

    Now, for a compliment. Thanks Mugalu, you did a great job presenting this information.

    • Thanks, Leo.

      KashTree is nothing other than a clone of scam sites like clout pay, refferal pay and others

  16. Hi, Mugalu,

    It’s such a pity there are many unscrupulous people out there trying to rip others off. Money can be made online, but it takes time and effort.

    KashTree sounds too good be true and you know what they say, right? I’ve looked for so many options to earn a full-time income online and have fallen into so many traps. Because of that, I can see why KashTree is a scam. There are so many red flags around it.

    Thanks for sharing and warning others about it.

  17. Hello, I really want to first appreciate your effort in putting this great website together and writing this article. Whenever I hear the name kashtree, the first thing that comes up in my mind is scam. I was almost a victim of this fake platform. The most annoying part is that they do not have a support system for complains. Thanks for this review 

  18. I’ve always been told that nothing is free in this life. With that being said, the five tasks that must be achieved are the price for obtaining this reward! Well said; yaiii me. Lol. Funny, but true. What I enjoy about this is not just the task but its a challenge. Who doesn’t like a challenge? They make or help us work harder. 

  19. Hey, I found KashTree is Scam. I also find many scam reviews about KashTree. Your review is very helpful to know before entering in any platform. You are keeping people safe from such scam sites. Your tips are also very helpful while choosing an online business. We will surely follow your tips to get good result from any online business. Keep this grate work up.

  20. I think it’s important that people read this post before getting involved with the scam and wasting their time on it.Only these national businesses go out to waste your time and some take your money.If you join this site you will find their scam way relevant so I agree with the review this is a scam and we should avoid it.This post you made is really cool.

  21. Hey there,

    Thanks for informing us of this “get-rich-quick” scheme. Its good to know without falling into the trap and wasting precious time and energy, especially when my time is very scarce, limited, and precious. 

    There are a lot of these sites online, and we all should be aware of the signals indication that they might not deliver as they promise. 

    Thanks again for letting us know. Keep up the good work!



  22. Hi, After reading your “review,” I was thinking this is more of a scam alert than a review. Any business that does not provide owner details, zero rating and a questionable business model should be avoided at all cost. If they are paying, the question is who is buying? Another question would be, what is their end game? Get personal data? Knowing the model and end game will allow us to see if the numbers can work out. In the case of KashTree, I guess not as they delay your payment and then close your account. Thank you for the warning.

  23. Thank you for your post. It is useful for me. I started my online business for a while now and am actively looking for money-making opportunities. KashTree can be a target I would like to pursue.

    Your review is honest and straight forward. I particularly like your “KashTree Red Flags” analyses and apparently the so called business is falsified. You get payment before the company was founded, amazing!

    It is kind of you spending your precious time, researching the company, and sharing the information with us, so that we don’t waste our time, efforts and money on something like this scammer.

    • Thanks, Anthony

      I really appreciate your support!!! I always see a comment from you whenever I post a blog here. 

  24. I hate these scams!  There are so many of them out there, and I’m sure there are lots because people read their propaganda and believe it.  Talk about fake news!

    It is sad that so many people do not take the time to research an opportunity…if it tells them they will make instant money,they assume if it’s online it must be true.  Too bad!  I agree with you that Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best deals out there.  I think one reason is that they offer so much training and have answers to so many questions that you may have.  How can you lose?  They tell you honestly that there are no legitimate get rich quick opportunities, but that you will have to do some work.  Then they teach you what you need to do.

    I guess for all of us the ideal is no work and lots of money, but the real world doesn’t work that way.  Thank you for alerting us to yet another online scam.

  25. This is totally unbelievable how these scam websites keeps operating to waste newbies time, energy and money. Many people are eager to make a success on the internet, but it’s these scammers like KashTree that can hurt people’s dream and effort. 

    Thank you for sharing your research and expose KashTree. Hope your reviews can help more people to stay away from scam websites like these. 


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