Nice Cash Review 2020

Nice Cash Review 2020.

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You probably came across someone who promotes NiceCash on social media or any other platform. So, you may have found this very attractive slogan, ” Make $500 Today”. By the time you finish reading this review article, you’ll have everything you like to know about nice cash on your fingertips. Without wasting much time, let’s dive into NiceCash and see if it is what it claims to be.

I’ll cover the following in this article:

  1. What is NiceCash?
  2. Is NiceCash a Scam?
  3. How Does NiceCash Work?
  4. NiceCash Red Flags.
  5. Any other alternative?

What is NiceCash?

Like the others, NiceCash claims to help people earn money online through social media accounts.
So when you bring in the crowd, by referring friends, NiceCash earns advertising revenue, and shares it with you!
They claim to give you a $25 sign up bonus,$2 per click on your referral link and $10 to $15 for every person you invite; It sounds like a simple way to earn some quick bucks! And it is so tempting.

NiceCash Summary

Product Name: Nice Cash


Owner: Unknown

Product type: Influencer network

Price: Free to join but you can lose money indirectly

Rating: 0.00/100

Scam / Legit? : SCAM

Recommended or not? : NOT recommended

Is NiceCash a Scam?

Nice cash scam alert

I have already stated it in the summery that, Nice Cash is a scam. You must stay away from it. To justify my statements, let us see the red flags of NiceCash.

NiceCash Red Flags.

Red Flag One

False promises.

No one spends such a large amount ($25) for just signing up as a free member, considering their income is from advertisement. NiceCash would run out of money even before it starts running. Think about this; It is free to register, so where do they get the $25 sign up bonus to pay you?

Red Flag Two

Fake payment proofs

After digging deep, I realized that all payment proofs posted on the NiceCash website are fake. They are fake because their website domain was registered on September 24, 2019. So, how did the payment from May 2019 come about? That would mean these members were paid before NiceCash was founded. This is a trick used to lure people into their trap.

Red Flag Three.

Fake Founding Date.

These people lie about the founding date. On their ‘About’ page, they claim to have been founded in 2015. We all know by now, that’s a naked lie.

Red Flag Four

Fake Testimonials

Then about the testimonials that are displayed on their home page, they are fake as these same images and names are used on other scam sites like KashTree, PaidLeaf, RainMoney, and others. After digging deep, I realized that all payment proofs posted on the NiceCash website are fake. This is because their website domain was registered on September 24, 2019. So, how did the payment from May 2019 come about? That would mean these members were paid before NiceCash was founded. This is a trick used to lure people into their trap.

Red Flag Five

Inactive social media buttons.

Their social media buttons like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc, are inactive so, they lead you to nowhere, they only fall back on the same page that you were on.

Red Flag Six

The support email is fake and does not exist.

This proves that they never wanted anyone to contact them from the start. People will not worry to contact them until they have a problem trying to withdraw their earnings. This is the point you will start doubting whether you are in the right place but, NiceCash would have already gotten what they wanted.

Red Flag Seven.

Unusual About page.

You already noticed that the founding date is very suspicious but here I realized that NiceCash, PaidLeaf, RainMoney, and KashTree have 100% similar about page. When you look at these “about” pages, You will realize that the same groups of people are behind these sites.

How Does NiceCash Work?

NiceCash is pretending to be a legit GPT program. You’ll be paid to join – and they’ll give you $25 just for registering as their member. You’ll also be paid to share your referral link. They’ll pay you $2 for every click on your link and $10 to $15 for every successful sign-up. You’ll also get $30 to do certain tasks such as answering surveys, $50 for uploading YouTube videos and $30 downloading apps on your smartphone. These Get-Paid-To programs will make you more money when you finish more tasks. Therefore, it will attract you to do as many tasks as you can.

What Does NiceCash Want From You?

You probably have a question in mind, about what exactly Nice C ash wants from you? Here I have the answer for you. Nice Cash is free to join and they won’t ask for your credit card number but, they are interested in your personal information like name, email, phone number, etc, which they sell to other advertisers. In my opinion, the people behind nice cash are paid for tasks which are completed by those who sign up as their members. This helps them to generate too much revenue by exploiting others who work for them at no cost.

Is There Any Other Alternative? – YES.

There are indeed legit get paid to(GPT) platforms out there but they will only make you money for buying coffee. My number one and the best alternative is to start your own online business. These are some reasons why you should start an online business.

  • You want to quit your daily job.
  • You want to generate a passive income.
  • You need more time with your loved ones.
  • You want more freedom or to work in the comfort of your home.

All the above ideas can indeed be achieved by starting your own online business. If you have been thinking about an online business, you probably get confused by the amount of information available online. You may even be a little suspicious of the several offers out there. I can’t blame you.

I consider the most dependable approach to attain success online is to develop trust and momentum by achieving small steps of accomplishment. I am sure that you have seen cases of making $10,000 a week or something related. Sure it is practicable, but not possibly next week. To reach that point, you will require making $10, then $100, and then $1000 or more.

If you are just starting, you should invest only a little amount of money and attain some progress while learning. There are various affordable alternatives.

My #1 Recommendation

Things To Consider Before Joining Any Program

  1. Help with your website: A website is you your online real estate, identity, and your show house. So any platform you join should have a good understanding of websites and should provide you with all the necessary training to help you grow your business.
  2. Help with Traffic: You need a reliable method to get quality targeted traffic to your site. Remember Website+ TargetedTraffic = Revenue.
  3. Conversion: A training on turning your website traffic into sales is key to your success. Traffic is useless without conversions.
  4. Web design: You probably do not have enough technical knowledge about web design and development and you still do not have those bucks to hire a professional developer. The platform you join should be in a position to train someone with zero technical skills at no extra costs.
  5. Affiliate- maybe you need help selling your product or service. Possibly you can sell the product or service of others. Maybe both. The platform you join should be able to provide you with different affiliate programs and training on how to leverage them.
  6. Search Engine Optimization: You will need training on trending SEO techniques, although it could take some time, getting placed at the top of search engines.
  7. Marketing advice: There should be training and forums & read what various specialists are saying so that you can effectively market your website.

All the items you need can be found at Wealthy Affiliate- Check it out and get started.

If a platform can provide you with all that you need in one place then expect nothing but success in your online business.

Conclusion on NiceCash.

I believe this Nice Cash review will save you some time and money! Overall I would have to say websites like NiceCash are a Scam and should be avoided. If you’re looking to create a full-time income and become self-employed check out my number one recommendation below to get started.

For any queries or complements please leave a comment below. Thanks for reading.

48 thoughts on “Nice Cash Review 2020”

  1. Thank you for exposing this scam. I think I have seen a similar Website like this on so many occasions and this is really annoying and time wasting. I wonder how they want to get the money to pay for all those bonuses. We’d probably gather 100s of dollars there and we’d not be able to cash out. My friend has had a similar experience before now.


  2. Thank you so much for this review!  That is kind of scary that they would have fake payment accounts!  I am glad you showed that they were a scam.  They have not even been out that long.  This is so sad to see, and people are probably falling for these scams.  It’s funny that they don’t even try to get their dates right on things, considering they started in September, but have some how paid people back in May.

  3. Hey, Thanks for writing on Nice Cash and saving our time as well as money. You are doing very nice work for the community. I also see many review about Nice Cash. It is a scam. I come under your recommadation and find it very useful for me. I recently stated my business online and it the grate place where we learn via training and setup our own business online.

    Thanks you Parveen

    • Thanks for taking time to read my review, we must expose these scammers because they discourage many online entreprenuers.

  4. Holy crap! I just came from a site that looks exactly like Nice Cash. It’s called Referral Pay and the design and layouts are EXACTLY the same. Even some of the content reads the same. Something tells me that there are more sites like these under different domains. I believe it’s created by the same group of people, trying to con people into their referral scheme. Doesn’t look like they offer anything valuable really.

    • It’s our duty to expose them, nice cash, cash tree, referral pay, clout pay, and paid4clout are all scams

  5. hello fran, i really want to first appreciate your effort in putting this great website together and writing this article. whenever i hear the name nice cash, the first thing that comes to my mind is scam. my cousin was a victim of this platform, he wrote to support but there was no response. thanks for you review

  6. NiceCash really seems like a good business offer but i always have this expectations that people should’ve been aware of the fact that online business is not something that makes you figures without any work, it requires dedication and consistency with hardworking. $25 on registration is a big lie, and the biggest bang if this product is tyat is does it have a real owner which makes it unsafe to be a part of. Thanks

  7. All of these fake scamming things that I am looking at here are really not worthy to see here and in all honesty, I value this. Nice cash is another scam oriented platform that I know would not be worthy of time neither would it be worthy of money here. Great post you have here and I will surely try all my best to share this with all the ones I know. Thanks

  8. Some of these scam sites have some really nice programs but they don’t put much effort into it to make it a reality and so they tend to come out bad and just fully as scam sites. Nice cash seen promising if they work some more effort into it and that would be a great step. People should stay away from it till they possibly make any upgrade in it. 

    • They don’t seem to have an interest in helping people, they only intend to get their data and sell it.

  9. In it’s lies, this one is very similar to kashtree review especially because they both lie that they have had this platform all opened for many years but this is not true and they get some fake claims on. I think that this platform are the types that do not open up to their owners we well. I feel people should know about this scam so I will share it. Nice work

  10. Great post, Mansoor.

    Thanks for exposing these phoneys. 

    There are so many fake systems out there claiming to make you rich that it’s encouraging to read reviews like yours. I want to stay aware of these scams, so I read as many reviews as I can before I decide to make any purchase. 

    I also like the fact that you’ve researched their history to provide real proof of their background.

    I like your recommendation and I want to explore it further. Sounds a lot more legit.


  11. Thanks for  sharing nice cash review .After readibg your in depth review  , i found it is a scam . Nice Cash claims by giving $25  signup bonus. $10  to $15 for referral. All seems False promises .

    It is clear from your article That nice cash got fake payment proof , fake founding date , fake testimonials etc. We should all stay away from these type of websites . 

    Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing your review!

  12. Thanks for sharing us this valuable information about Nice Cash. After reading the review, I have this conclusion that there’s nothing nice about this Nice Cash. If people join this company, they will be in for a disappointment. It will just a waste of time and as we know it, time equates to money. 

    By the way, may I ask, how did you encounter this company? Where did you first see this one advertised?

    • True, I   found nothing good about them, to answer your question, it was a friend who shared a link on social media so, I decided to dig deep into this site and see how it works.

  13. This one sounds more dangerous than any fake site I’ve heard about. An unknown founder highlighted that something is not right. Thanks for researching into them and letting us know. They even deceive innocent people to join them for free. I think they should be sued for collecting people’s personal data and passing it on without their consent! 

    • Actually it’s hard to sue them, because it’s you their member who provide you personal data to those sites as you are trying to complete tasks. This makes it look as if you had concent in submitting your data.

  14. Mugalu,
    KashTree and NiceCash websites ARE different   Their ‘Payment Proof’ page (even though the information is identical) the layout is ‘different’; NiceCash hasn’t uploaded the ‘video testimonials, and the ‘names’ are different in their ‘TERMS’.  NiceCash managed to put their name in replacing KashTree.  Their blogs are both by “Brandon” and even ‘Amber’ answers the ‘Is (KashTree/NiceCash ) a Scam’ question.


    I feel sorry for those who signed up for either.  If they wish to contact me I have a great deal and pricing for the purchase of the Brooklyn Bridge. (But no title will be available and no refunds)

  15. These websites are just out there to get people that think there’s free cash to grab in society. I hope as soon as people start realizing that rewards come from hardwork, and don’t be greedy, these scamming sites will dissappear. 

    Nonetheless, what you shared can really help internet users to avoid such scammers. Thank you for your effort for doing research and providing awareness to us. 

  16. Hi, I see that you found lots of fakes for this nice cash. The name sounds so good. Too bad that it doesn’t deliver. nowadays people write fake testimonials, there’s no such thing as an honest review anymore, The people can basically make fake everything today. the $25 for just registering is a big red flag. Nobody would ever do that. the sites like to promise you money just for getting people to sign up. And without even offering any kind of value or services. it’s important to be wise today, because it’s getting harder and harder to determine who has Integrity.

  17. Its so unfortunate to be bumping into all sorts of scams regardless of the area of telecomunication; whether its online, phone or even a commercial. It’s just oh so plain sad. I wonder how they feel about themselves though. The bible mentions that being a homicide is actually tricking people and lying. It is also known as killing, but one doesn’t need to kill with a gun; one can also kill with a scam because one is killing their spirit. 

  18. Great to know straight away that NiceCash is a scam. The first glaring red flag is that the owner is unknown. From there, I am seeing the word fake often, never a good sign! $2 per click would be great in a perfect world, but unfortunately it’s not a perfect world. I always get nervous when these types of companies collect personal information because you never know who’s at the other end. You’ve not only helped me to avoid NiceCash, but have also provided an outstanding alternative in Wealthy Affiliate. Thank you and well done!

  19. Hello ! Thank you so much for sharing with us such a beautiful article. I would like to appreciate your efforts .I started a business online some time ago .So my fear is that it works a little bit even though I didn’t find anyone to help or get any articles before I found your article. So this article is very useful to me .You deserve praise for pointing us to such a fraud .I’ve visited these websites many times and didn’t realize how much they bothered and wasted our time before getting your article. Many people may have made a lot of dollars here but could not cash .One of my cousins has had a similar experience here .Really your article helped my cousin and others like me to gain a lot of knowledge on how to avoid bullying. We hope to have more articles through which we can gain more knowledge and avoid such threats. Thanks

  20. Thank you for taking so much time to expose nicecash scam. This will help many people to avoid being deceived, especially those who are just starting online business, because people who are just starting to make money online are eager to succeed and do n’t know about online scam So they are most vulnerable to being cheated.

    As you said, Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam, because I have already joined and got help from many friends in the community, they are really enthusiastic.

  21. Hi! And thanks for such a detailed and informative article. I’ve been exploring ways to make money on-line for a while and have been put-off by the number of such scams out there. Most seem to be MLM schemes where the only people making money are the “up-line” recruiters. 

    This one looks, at first glance, to be harmless as it doesn’t ask for any money up-front. But I didn’t realise that such schemes are making their money by harvesting contact information. 

    It seems that the best way to do this on-line thing is to build a real business that takes time and effort – why is that a surprise?!

    I’ve had a look at your links to WA and have to say it looks very interesting and, crucially, doesn’t make promises of “get rich quick”.

    Serious food for thought and thanks for exposing this and the other scams you write about.

  22. Awesome review. Thanks for this heads up.. Recently I’ve been advised by my friend regarding this product. I was looking into its in depth information and I get to land in your blog. Your post answers all my queries I had on this product. 

    $25 for a starter member!! Sounds crazy.. Surely I’ll avoid wasting any money on this scam now. 

    thanks for sharing your honest views. 

  23. Thank you for your post. It is useful for me. I started online business for a while now and am actively looking for money-making opportunities. Program like Nice Sash can be a target for me to pursue.

    You give a honest and straight forward review on the product. I particularly like your “Nice Cash Red Flags” analyses. There are so many false information from this program. The program can not be genuine. I stay away from this program.

    It is kind of you spending your precious time, summarizing the data, and sharing them with us, so that we can save our time, efforts, and money.

    • Anthony, 

      I like the value you attribute to my website,  I see your comment on each every article i publish. thanks

  24. I have never heard of Nice Cash, and after reading your review will not attempt to find out more about this scam. You have provided lots of details on how to spot the red flags concerning this company. The main two tips like that you included was when the domain was registered and how they are going pay you $25 signup bonus already when they just launched. Keep providing more details of your research and hope this review gets seen by others before they fall for this scam.

  25. Hi! Thanks for researching this company and writing a detailed article on your findings.  I have never heard of NiceCash.  This article can help many people from getting tricked.  I agree 100% on WA as a great company to sign up for when considering creating an online income business.

    There are too many bad companies like NiceCash out there.  Thanks for your review and I’ll look for your future posts.



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