Sawnexus Business opportunity- Review- 2020 IMAGE

Sawnexus Business opportunity- Another Scam Review- 2020

Sawnexus Business opportunity- Scam Review- 2020

Welcome to my Sawnexus review- 2020.

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In this Sawnexus review-2020, I will be giving you detailed truth about Sawnexus business opportunity (as they call it). If you have been following my blogs, you will realize that I have been showing my readers what works and what doesn’t in the make money online niche. The make money online niche is one of the most competitive and profitable niches, that is the reason why it is full of fraud so you will find a lot of make money online scams out there. With that in mind, that is why I thank you for taking this step to research a product or any program before spending your time and money. Without wasting much of your time, let me take you directly to our today’s topic.

Sawnexus Review- 2020


Even though I created an account with Sawnexus for research purposes, I am not an active member of Sawnexus, everything in this article is based on research and on information that is available in the public domain. The view expressed here are personal opinion and may not apply to all persons or situations.

I’ll cover the following in this article:

  1. Sawnexus overview
  2. What is Sawnexus?
  3. How Does Sawnexus Business opportunity Work?
  4. Sawnexus Red Flags.
  5. Is Sawnexus a Scam?
  6. Any other alternative?

Sawnexus Business opportunity- Overview

Product Name: Sawnexus


Owner: Unknown

Product type: pyramid scheme

Price: Bronze 37000ugx, Silver 75000ugx, Gold 125000ugx.

Rating: 20/100

Recommended or not? : NOT recommended

Countries of Operation: Uganda and Kenya

What is Sawnexus Business opportunity?

Sawnexus is a network marketing company based in Uganda but operating in Uganda and Kenya. The company claims to be providing financial services to its members and claims to have changed the lives of many people in both countries. In their About page they claim to be passionate about empowering people and Liberating them from poverty to enable them to meet financial freedom with what they call their proven system.

Sawnexus Business opportunity- Review- 2020 Image
Sawnexus Business opportunity- Review- 2020

If that is what Sawnexus claims to be, let us see how it work and it will give us a broad picture of what real Sawnexus is.

How Does Sawnexus Business opportunity Work?

To join Sawnexus Business opportunity you visit their website through a link provided by any registered member called a sponsor. After creating your account, you will need to put money on your mobile money account if you are in Uganda or Mpesa account if you are in Kenya. Then you will see a form on their website where you will enter your mobile number and activate your Sawnexus accounted with. After activating your account you will be provided with a unique link which you share to invite others to Sawnexus.a

How Much You need to Activate Your Sawnexus Account

As by the time of writing this article, Sawnexus has three plans i.e, Bronze, Silver, and Gold. The price of each plan in Uganda and Kenya are indicated in the table below.

Country Price for the Bronze plan Price for the Silver plan Price for the Gold plan
Uganda 37000 UGX 75000 UGX 125000 UGX
Kenya 1000 KES 2000 KES 3500 KES

How Does Sawnexus pay

Sawnexus Business opportunity pays 27% of the money paid by a member to his/her sponsor on the first and second recruits and about 66% of the money paid by the third, fourth, fifth, etc on direct recruits. And 40% of the money paid by all indirect recruits by the third, fourth, fifth, etc your direct recruits.


Sawnexus Business opportunity- Review- 2020
Sawnexus payment plan

If you look at this business, You will see that the whole business rotates on money without tangible a product. This does not provide value for money so it simple to lose your money for nothing. For MLMs that have tangible products, even if someone failed to continue with the business, he/she can sell off the product or even consume them if there is a need. But for Companies like Sawnexus, Once you fail to recruit new members, you definitely lose the money. This is what we call pyramid schemes. Your chances of failing are 90% because people always need value for their money.

The general idea of a pyramid system is that you register, pay a specified amount of money whether it be a monthly payment single pay, then you recruit other people to this business which earns you cash. The network starts to expand quickly if you are good at convincing people. Believe me, are absolutely legit but the rule remains, there must be a genuine product to create value for money.

There unquestionably HAS to be something you are receiving from the payment(s) you make. If there is no product being marketed then this is just stealing you for you to steal other people and is a complete SCAM and totally illegal.

Sawnexus Red Flags.

Red Flag1

No product: As already stated above, Sawnexus has no product to offer. They are just collecting money from those who join their company.

Red Flag2

The Owner is not known: I Tried to navigate their website but i didn’t see the owner of the company indicated anywhere.

Red Flag3

When making transactions for activating your account, the names of the company you are making to is not Sawnexus. This can make it difficult to sue them in case you are not satisfied with their service.

Is Sawnexus a Scam?

Sawnexus is not a complete scam but the chances of losing your money are 90%. So I would advise you to stay away from Sawnexus to save your time and money. The bad thing here is that you won’t be given a chance to try out things before paying.

Any other alternative?

The only alternative for Sawnexus and all other businesses like this is to start your own online business. Starting an online business needs some hard work but it pays. If you are not sure how to start an online business, these might be useful to you.

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 My Number One Recommendation

sawnexus alternative image
make money


5 thoughts on “Sawnexus Business opportunity- Another Scam Review- 2020”

  1. Why would you say it’s not a complete scam yet one is definitely going to lose all their money in the venture?

    Isn’t that how pyramid scams work?

    • Thanks, Paul
      What make Sawnexus a poor system is a fact that there is no product or service provided to those who pay their money. Their main objective was not to scam people, but their mode of operation makes them look more like scammers. The truth is, you only lose money after failing to recruit new members. you can read this ARTICLE to know how I make money online. thanks.

  2. I joined but recruited one person so far but I got paid I can agreee with u wen u failed to recruite any one yo money will be taken


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