SuperLife World Review – Another trending online Scam?- 2020

In this SuperLife World Review, I Am going to show you all details about this Multilevel marketing company. It is an honest review base on research and experience. I thank you for taking the time to research any product or program before spending on it. This helps to avoid scams which saves your time and money. This year I have been able to expose many online scams which include; NiceCash, KashTree, CloutPay among others. Now let us dive into the SuperLife world, by the end of this article you will be able to decide whether it is worth your time and money.

I’ll cover the following in this article:

  1. What is SuperLife?
  2. A Broad Picture Of MLM
  3. SuperLife Review Summary?
  4. Is SuperLife a Scam?
  5. How Does Superlife Work?
  6. Pros and Cons of SuperLife.
  7. Any other alternative?

What is SuperLife world?

SuperLife is a Multi-level marketing company created by Lai Tek Kean in 2017.

SuperLife registration Date image


Lai Tek Kean says he intends to revolutionize the direct sale industry and in the three years that SuperLife world has been in business, it has expanded into more than 40 countries, the research shows that most of the traffic on the SuperLife world website originates from Nigeria. the company deals in the health niche specializing in food supplements. Before I continue with my SuperLife Review, let me first show you something about MLMs.

A Broad Picture Of MLM

What is Multi-Level Marketing?

It is a type of business where much of the revenue and cash flow comes from the recruitment of new distributors, rather than marketing a product. Emphasis is on recruitment

Is MLM The Same As Network Marketing?

Obviously, yes. Network marketing companies demand their distributors to sell a specified minimum amount of product and recruiting new members.

How does It Real work?- SuperLife World Review

One person creates a product or Service(s), he recruits 5 others who pay him (or her) to distribute the product. These five each recruit more five to sell the product, so this means there has to be a product. A specified percentage of these third-level people is passed back to the one person at the base level. This system continues down and every member is paid commission up to a given level down as in the image below.

mlm image

SuperLife World Review image


SuperLife world Review Summary

Company Name: SuperLife world

Website: https://SuperLife

Owner: Lai Tek Kean

Business model: Multilevel marketing/ network marketing specializing in the health niche.

Product Type: Food Supplements


  1. Starter $70
  2. Star $125
  3. Supreme $480
  4. Super $1250

All the above plans include product packages.

Rating: 30/100

Scam / Legit? : SuperLife world is not a Scam

Recommended or not? : NOT recommended(Strictly not recommended except to network marketing experts)

Is SuperLife World a Scam?-

Superlife is not a scam. It is a legit multilevel marketing company but I do not recommend anyone who has a dream to build a successful online business to join. Even though SuperLife is legit, its revenue is greatly based on someone’s recruitment potential than selling products. As I stated earlier in this post that I am not a member of SuperLife but I have attended several of their seminars and I came to discover that their main source of revenue is recruiting new members. This means once the recruitment chain break, you’ll have no business anymore. The true online business is where you put in the hard work once and payment is forever regardless of who joined your business. An example here is some who created a new website today, he puts in all needed hard work, after a few months, this website will start making money for him/her from different corners of the world with little of his/her efforts.

How Does Superlife Work?

To join SuperLife you need to be sponsored by a member, You can join as a starter, star, supreme, or super.

  1. The starter package is $70 and It includes 1 box of STC30.
  2. The Star package is $125 and It includes 2 boxes of STC30.
  3. The Supreme package is $480 and It includes 8 boxes of STC30.
  4. The Super package is $1250 and It includes 20 boxes of STC30.STC30 image




How Does SuperLife Pay

Ways to earn without selling:

  1.  Direct referral bonus
  2.  Indirect referral bonus (pairing bonus)
  3.  Roll up bonus
  4. Key in bonus
  5. Unilevel bonus (it will begin in May – that’s the monthly salary)

If you look at the ways of earning, they all rotate around recruiting new members and Upgrades by old members. This makes SuperLife more of a pyramid SCHEME than a real network marketing business even though they have a product in disguise.

Direct referral bonus

This is the bonus you get from your direct downlines (people you have directly recruited to the business)

Incentive Plan

In green are what we call direct referrals.

 Indirect referral bonus (pairing bonus)

This is the bonus you from people recruited by your downline.


Now here D, E, F, G, H, and those below them are all indirect referrals to A. I, J, K are indirect referrals to C.

Roll up bonus

This is the bonus given to you when your downline upgrade from a lower to a higher level e.g from start to supreme

Pros and Cons of SuperLife.


  • Good Niche- the nutritional supplements niche is a good one which is expected to expand more in the coming decades.
  • A new company- SuperLife is only 3years old, this makes it easy to make some money with it Since MLM companies tend to fade out with time.
  • Making money without selling products.- This works well for those who have high convincing power and networking experience.
  • Good products- I have found some people testifying that STC30 worked well for them.


  1. Focus on recruitment – Many fail to make money from SuperLife because the main source of revenue is recruiting new members.
  2. Expensive packages – To make reasonable money you need to either be a supreme or Super which costs $480 and $1250. This is too much for a business you are not sure of its success. Another thing is the fact that the business mostly operates in Africa where the income potential of the majority is low. Some people end up borrowing from banks because they are guaranteed success by those who convince them to join.
  3. Can damage relationships and families- If you decide to recruit your friends and / family members, they attribute their failure to you who took them to the business.

Any alternative?

After meandering in many MLM companies, I discovered that I wasn’t that kind of person who could lie to convince someone to join my network. I decided to find another way of making money online and passively. I read many articles about making money online and I joined many programs. I was scammed several and I concluded that it is impossible to make money online. But because I loved the internet and still had a feeling that there must be a way of making money online, I once found a review article about Wealthy Affiliate.

What is Wealthy affiliate

Wealthy affiliate is a 15yrs old company based in Canada British Colombia, The Company is in the affiliate marketing niche with more than 1.5 million members worldwide. The company has the best online training and mentorship in the make money online field particularly affiliate marketing. Wealthy affiliate will give all the resources you need to start a successful online business.

How does it work

Wealthy Affiliate is free to join, After joining you will find the training and all resources you need to start your online. The image below shows what you get when you join Wealthy Affiliate.

This is what you need to start your online business regardless of your experience. Even if you a newbie or an expert in the MMO industry, Wealthy affiliate is the only community that can take you to the next level. Click here to read my full wealthy Review.

That is all about my SuperLife world review- 2020, Thanks for reading, let me know your opinion, questions, or anything in the comment box below. cheers.

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