The GoDaddy Hosting Review

The GoDaddy Hosting Review – Number 1 Honest Review

GoDaddy is typically well-known in the web hosting industry, as a newbies go-to web host. In this article, the Godaddy hosting review, I want to let you know that, the company makes it incredibly easy and affordable for people to choose a domain name, sign up for hosting, and start building their websites with amazingly low priced offers and upsells.

While known for its domain sell dominance, GoDaddy offers options for managed WordPress hosting, virtual and dedicated servers as well. The company makes the upgrade process as seamless as possible, so you shouldn’t shy away from scaling your site as your business needs grow;

Godaddy is popular for many things both good and bad, but despite that, it manages to consistently provide above average industry uptimes and load times.

Let us first outline what we are to cover in this comprehensive article.
  • Features
  • Godaddy Prices and Plans
  • Why choose Godaddy? (Pros)
  • Why Not Choose GoDaddy (Cons)

Now let us get started…

What is GoDaddy – The GoDaddy Hosting Review

GoDaddy is an American Internet domain registrar and web hosting company with over 19 million customers and 7,000 employees worldwide. It is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, and incorporated in Delaware.

Founded in 1997, the company has grown and become a registry wholesaler to domain names like .co, .us, .biz, and .nyc. which incorporates now as GoDaddy Registry. `


Leading Page Loads & Domain Hosting
  • GoDaddy will include a free domain with any annual hosting plan.
  • GoDaddy has some of the fastest and most reliable page load times.
  • GoDaddy offers appealingly low prices for domain registrations.
Award-Winning Security & Expert Support
  • GoDaddy has 24/7 security monitoring and DDoS protection.
  • They monitor the usage of clients on your server to ensure consistent performance.
  • GoDaddy has a dedicated security team to keep an eye on your site.


Simple Popular Web Apps Installation
  • One-click installs of content management systems such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and others.
  • GoDaddy boasts the speed of its administration panel, which allows for applications to be installed fast.
Advanced Options for Seasoned Users
  • GoDaddy offers dedicated VPS, and even WordPress-specific hosting packages for users.
  • The company’s WordPress-specific hosting is some of the most affordable in the industry,

Godaddy Prices and Plans

Pricing for GoDaddy hosting is very economical at every level, particularly when you consider all the free perks included with the low prices

Godaddy Pricing

See the starter pricing below;

Shared Hosting Economy $4.49
Delux $7.49
Ultimate $8.49
Maximum $19.99
WordPress Hosting Basic $6.99
Delux $9.99
Ultimate $12.99
Ecommerce $15.99
VPS Hosting 1 vCPU $4.99
2 vCPU $19.99
4 vCPU $39.99
8 vCPU $69.99

Why choose Godaddy? (Pros)

  • Awesome Hosting Plans

Stability indexes show that GoDaddy has a 99.7 stability index when it comes to hosting. They have well-tailored hosting plans giving up to 100 GB worth of storage and unmetered bandwidth. With such uptime, you can have fast speeds with an average of 554 m/s (megabytes per second). From as low as 4.97 pounds, one can acquire web hosting services, a price pocket friendly to a beginner.

Be aware though that they will charge handsomely on migrations, backups, and many other services that sometimes you don’t need.

  • Expertise Services

GoDaddy also has tons of services that are diversified and fit different tastes and preferences per user needs. Click Here if you want to check out their expert services that will help an avid web hoster choose a preferred service plan as you go about your online website or business. Also with over 125 free services, they are easily integrated while you install and use their services. They also offer virtual and dedicated servers which makes it easier when scaling your site as you need your site or online business to grow.

  • Seamless Use of Popular Apps

Popular apps like WordPress work seamlessly with GoDaddy web hosting services. WordPress is a very popular app preferred by thousands of users worldwide when creating a website. With this app, web hosters are offered affordable hosting plans starting from as low as 4.79 pounds per month. Apps also like Joomla and Drupal work well with GoDaddy, so you have options to choose from in the competitive online web hosting market.

  • GoDaddy Grows With You

Many web hosting sites offer various services that seem similar to what GoDaddy offers. However, the company has gone a step further by introducing exceptional services like GoDaddy Auctions. This service has tons of online domain names and sites on auction which is a lucrative place to purchase valuable domains or sites up for sale. Auction services bring to the table an opportunity to purchase and sell online sites and domains which is very popular on GoDaddy. There have been purchases that have transformed into lucrative websites worth millions of shillings.

The GoDaddy site also gives estimations on the worth of a site or domain you are selling on GoDaddy Auction and has GoDaddy Garage where you can blog and participate actively in helping the site grow. The advantage is you get a byline for this and where tasks are completed, you get paid.

  • Loading Speed Services Have Improved On GoDaddy

Over the last two years, Godaddy has improved its hosting speeds, something a few years back was a myth for this hosting website. It now is rated with consistent page load speeds of over 554 m/s. Heavy sites that depend on images can now be made faster with Content Delivery Network (CDN) so that a client has their servers loading incredibly fast. Slow loading sites pale with google ranking and that is why it is important to have faster loading sites.

  • Quality Customer Care Services

Customer care services have improved on Godaddy over the years. They have live chat support, knowledge-based information on the site, and phone support. When contacted, they are prompt at response within a minute. For a beginner (click here to try out), they give answers to inquiries quickly in a very easy way to understand making them reliable.

In less than a minute there live chat support is active and you can have a rapport with their crisp customer care agents. This was a problem in the past but it is good to know it has improved.

GoDaddy has made big improvements this past year with their live chat support. It used to be very unreliable and often felt like they were always trying to sell you something instead of helping you figure out a solution. Very glad to see that they have listened to user reviews and completely reworked their live chat.

  • Easy To Use

Godaddy did an overhaul recently on its digital platform and introduced communication tools that are quite exceptional in performance and use. Their platform is multi-lingual, easy to use, and quickly integrates with any supported apps that a client wants to use. Furthermore, its communications tools are tailored to help you grow a business through communication with customers. They support digital marketing, reputation management all under one dashboard once you become a client.

You can choose and appropriate on your dashboard what works best for your website or growing online business.

  • Security Expertise

Everybody wants security from hackers, malware attacks and bots, website breaches, and many more. Godaddy provides 24/7 security and DDoS protection. They will keep your website safe with a dedicated security team that guarantees site reliability seals, monitoring, and removal of your site from Google blacklist and brand reputation monitoring among other security services.

Also, they will monitor other clients on your server to ensure that your performance stays fast and reliable.

Why Not Choose GoDaddy (Cons)

Everything digital has its pros and cons. Even GoDaddy has its cons, so let check them out their biggest cons.

  • Vague And Confusing Refund Policy

In the web hosting business today, most web hosts have a refund (no-questions-asked) guarantee if you cancel within 30 days. However, the refund policy of Godaddy has proved to be dubious and vague. It is similar to that of many web hosts at face value. However, when you pull off the mask, you start seeing more red tape when it comes to refunds.

First of all, their money-back-guarantee on ‘Monthly Plans‘ less than three months states to ask for a refund in less than 48 hours. That only gives two days to try out their services.

Try a phone call and they will eagerly want to talk you out of your decision to do so. Worse customers have complained that their decisions are not respected immediately since GoDaddy agents try to talk you out of your decision.

Their terms spell out that in a situation where you have already set up a WordPress site and bought a plan from them, it is non-refundable to pay you. That’s just plain dubious compared to the 48 hours refund policy. This is not appealing.

  • Expensive Renewal Plans

This is a common industry trick used by many web hosting sites. GoDaddy’s pricing plans start as low as $4.33 for three years which triple overtime. Upon renewal of a basic plan as above, it jumps up doubling up to $8.99! And this comes with no added features or better performance. You will have to pay more to get all these extras separately from this doubled up economy plan.

Let’s break it down simply and verify their pricing plans

Their Basic plan starts at £4.79 and renews at £8.99. The Deluxe plan starts at £5.99 and renews at £11.99.

The Unlimited plan kicks off with a price of £9.59 and is renewed at £20.39 while GoDaddy’s Maximum plan starts at £15.59 and renewed at £26.39. That’s double what you signed up for!

  • Tricky Designed Upsells

Reading through their host plans, you will come across costly upsells when you choose shorter year plans. Their three-year plans are relatively cheaper for newbies seeking hosting, while one who wants to experience a three-month plan has to pay more.

If you are paying £4.79 on a basic plan, you must live with the fact that it is going to be a faithful three years plan to follow. If you opt to get small plans like three months, be willing to part with your pocket a sum of £10.99.

  • Unwanted Costs and Base Plan Charges With No Free Features

Whereas hosting sites exist that give extra features freely like free SSL certificates, GoDaddy does not offer these features on their base plans. You have to be paying for the premium services to access features like SSL Certificates. Also, their site migration costs are high (over $99.99) and take 7-10 days to carry out the service. This is sluggish and numb as a web hosting service provider.


Beware of extra services forced down your purchase throat while engaging to buy their host plans. For example, they will try to sell something like website backups that cost an extra $2.99 for a three-year plan. It automatically pops up and you must be keen or else you will purchase something you did not budget for.

When compared with the pros, GoDaddy is recommended if you are starting to use a web hosting company to grow your website. Besides the above, here are a few more facts to convince you that the verdict to use GoDaddy is a great choice.

  • You get a free domain when you are a first time user in your first year.
  • Payments are readily available and prompt be it on Paypal.
  • Account activation is smooth and fast at all times.
  • Most apps that work on GoDaddy are open source and should not be a problem to install. You don’t have to be tech-savvy to use them.
  • The cPanel experience is great and easy to use.

Finally, Godaddy is a go-to domain web host for millions of users worldwide for a reason. The company maintains an ever-expanding network of users by amazing discounts and promotions of their products together with a free domain name when you sign up for a year-long plan. It’s a great hosting deal, particularly for first-timers and small business owners, at a great price point.

However, personally, I can’t say that GoDaddy is the best out there. Bluehost has got some cool features you may need based on your personal needs. See here 

In case you have any further personal questions or something like additional points, you are free to leave a comment down below and I will be glad to respond.

Thank You. Peace!

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