The GoHire Affiliate Program Review

The GoHire Affiliate Program Review – 2020 Must Know!

The GoHire Affiliate Program Review

Even though this article is mainly about The GoHire Affiliate Program Review, I am not going to give you an outstanding review before actually explain to you what GoHire is.  Before I get you informed of all the ins and outs of the GoHire Affiliate Program, let me first give you an outline of what we are going to cover in this extensive and informative article.

The outline goes as follows:-

  • Summary / Overview
  • What is GoHire
  • Pros & Cons
  • The GoHire Pricing
  • The GoHire Affiliate program
  • Advantages & Disadvantages of GoHire Affiliate Program
  • How Does This affiliate Program work
  • Affiliate Commission
  • Conclusion

After that basic outline, let us dive right into in. First, consider the summary below


Overview / Summary

Brand: GoHire co.
Main Activity: Recruitment Automation Software
Overall Rating: 4.7 out of 5.0
Affiliate Program Rating: 4.8 out of 5.0
Founder: Chris Smith
Locale: York, United Kingdom

What is GoHire?

It is simply a cloud-based software that handles the hiring procedure and makes it very easy. We are going to see how. It handles tasks for larger and small businesses basing on the needs of a particular company or business. It has helped with job management all over the world. Basing on my research and statistics, GoHire has so far helped over 3000 businesses and companies around the entire globe and its usage is growing exponentially. I hope you can now realize its future.

Since the activity of interviewing employees as the first step to the last steps like recruitment is tedious, GoHire makes it even simpler than you might think. It requires an employer or a resource manager simple minutes without hassling at all.

How does it Work

Of course, as an affiliate, you can not promote any product or service without knowing how it works exactly. This will require you to make some extra research but, let my resource be of great importance as well. Let me let you know how Go hire works.

It has a scheduling feature that works automatically. Through text messages as well as book appointments, to enables recruiters and candidates to get connected with hassles. The system fetches applicant data automatically, works on the screening procedure automatically, and finally works upon evaluation of the application to a certain job.

Note: The mode of payment is monthly i.e subscriptive.

Now after knowing that, as an affiliate marketer, you’ll need to need the pros and cons of this recruitment automation software because, all the disadvantages that your customers shall go through, you will be the first person to answer their queries because they trusted you and you directed them to the product.

Pros & Cons

Let us first see the Pro of this software.


  1. Very easy to comprehend, easy to use, and a good learning curve of the software.
  2. Time is money is the slogan of entrepreneurs. It is what GoHire understands most
  3. Bulk email services, ready-made templates, this software can post jobs to so many different job sites in jus a matter of a click.
  4. Stores previous interviewee information because it is more than vital and businessmen and resource managers can support this. It is just in case new job opportunities arise.

It has got some cons as well


  1. In the older versions, the User interface has been so disturbing and very hard to understand hence a steep learning curve but this one is solved in the latest versions.
  2. In some cases, the claimed automation is not that enough. Because you will encounter a scenario where you are the one who is supposed to send the emails yourself.


The Pricing

Since price is so crucial whenever you are going to market a given product as an affiliate marketer, I can not write this full article without actually talking about the pricing of this software package.

GoHire has three different packages you can promote to get a commission. We shall talk about the commission in the later paragraphs. These packages are categorized as Starter, Growth, and Pro. Let us see these in detail.

1. Starter Package

This is the package that is usually opted for by small businesses and startups generally. It has a price of £49 [more than $60] per month.

It has the following specifications:-

  • Active pools
  • Active Jobs
  • Unlimited number of members
  • All the standard features

This subscription is the most popular and it is more than enough to be used. If you are having a bigger business that requires more complications during recruitment, you will need to opt for another package as I am going to state below.

2. Growth Package

This is the perfect option for all of the SMBs that hire actively and continuously. It is priced at £99 [$124] with the specifications below:-

  • Unlimited number of Jobs
  • Unlimited pools
  • Unlimited members
  • Bulk importing & other bulk actions
  • All other standard features

This package has much to offer and it is not recommended for small businesses because it will just be a wastage of money.

3. Pro Package

This third package is suitable for a really big business. If you are SMB and you want to hire top talent and on large scale, this has got you covered.

  1. All of the standard features
  2. Unlimited  pools ad jobs
  3. Unlimited member count
  4. Bulk actions
  5. Bulk importing.
  6. Reports
  7. Questionaire and so many other features

The price jus doubles the one for the most previously covered above. It is £199 [over $250] in just a month. So it will be very hard for most of the business to meet the criteria of wanting to use this pro package but the possibilities of using the Growth package are always expected.

As an affiliate marketer, you have to consider those prices as well as the possible future changes to be successful in promoting this software.

The GoHire Affiliate Program

This is the most crucial part of this article. I have decided to bring it after giving you a simple hint about what this software is and I am sure now you have at least achieved the main concepts needed to get started with this Affiliate Marketing business.

What I can say, this system has a recurring commission and it pays you more than you can even expect because their commission rate is high.The GoHire Affiliate Program Review

This is a system where you can earn 40% as commission on all the business partners you can refer to GoHire software. You earn every month for two years. If you can show other businesses the potential of GoHire software then you are one hundred percent capable of becoming a GoHire affiliate.

Advantages of the GoHire Affiliate Program

  • High commission of 40%. It is almost half the price of the software.
  • Expect your commission to be doubled for the first 30 days immediately after joining the program. This motivates the marketer to work hard and during the remaining months, it will be very simple.
  • Only one referral can make you get thousands of dollars or pounds as we shall go into details of this.
  • If you work hard as an affiliate and you become one of the top performers, the owner will pay you a huge bonus starting from £1000. That is a great deal for people who take affiliate marketing to be a real business and it is.
  • Did you know that even bringing another affiliate can earn you real cash? You will get paid for 2 years the 5% from the commission earned by the affiliate you referred to their affiliate program.
  • Rare cookie window. One of the longest in the industry because it runs for 6 months. Yes, I mean half a year.
  • All the tools you need to boost your business are provided. For example, banners, links, and images. These can make your business a little bit easier because you will not need to design to required graphics yourself.

Disadvantages of the GoHire Affiliate Program

  • I can not find any specific disadvantage that is directly attached to this affiliate program. The only cons that are available in this program are the same as of the other affiliate programs for example:-
    • It needs some persistence
    • It works best with some marketing resources like a website.
    • This kind of software needs a connection to big companies.

How does this Affiliate Program Work

It is a straight forward program similar to that of all other Affiliate programs. You just need to do the following:-

    • Register to become a partner
    • Promote GoHire by mentioning it on your website as well as social media.
    • Earn commission

That is the process. No much-hidden science and upsells inside the program.

Affiliate Commission

In this section, I am going to breakdown the exact way you can earn through this program. I am going to assume that you have referred only one customer over 2 years.

  • If a customer buys a Starter package at £49, you will earn the amount of £470.40.
  • If a customer buys a Growth package at £99, you will earn the amount of £950.40.
  • And, if a customer a Pro package at £149, you will earn the amount of £1430.40.

Remember, it is not that you will get only one customer, just imagine getting 5 buyers, what about 50. Do you believe that you can get 1000 customers?

Now its time you get a pen and a paper and you perform calculations. You will realize how relying on this program can make you earn some decent amount of money without putting in much effort.

After reading the above section, I am pretty sure, you are now having a great hint on how this Affiliate program works and all the of the earning potentials available. I have not calculated all of the possibilities but at least I have given you a good quick start.

My Conclusion The GoHire Affiliate Program Review

As we are concluding this straight forward review, I am not saying that you must signup for this program immediately, you will need to first scrutinize the matter through carrying out your research accordingly. But on my side, this affiliate program is more than nice.

The only challenge you might face is, not owning a website. You do not have to be a tech geek to start building a website. GET THIS FREE TRAINING that will guide you step by step through the task-based training available. It is 100% free to get started and there is no need for a credit card.

In case you are remaining with anything that is not clarified, kindly drop your comment down in the comment box, one of our authors will, of course, come back to you with a nice and informative response and feel free to ask anything.

Thank you. Peace!


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