the jaaxy review 2020

The Jaaxy Review 2020 – The Keyword Tool For Experts

There are so many advanced keyword tools out there such as Long Tail Pro, in this article the Jaaxy review 2020, I am going to talk about Jaaxy as someone who knows the ins and outs of Jaaxy. I maybe not knowing all of them but at the jaaxy review 2020

least I understand the general mechanism behind the functionality of this tool as well as all that you need to get started with Jaaxy.

In case you are here and your main ai is to help you decide on how you will select the best keyword tool for your next project that may be a mere blog post, a website or simply an online business, you are in the right place without any single doubt.

This is a full 2020 Jaaxy review. What I am sure of, it will still be very valid for years to come because it is not more concentrated on the detailed facts of the Jaaxy.

The additional advantage of this article is, you will not only know about the keyword tool but also Search Engine Optimization basics generally. This is because you can not explain how the keyword tool works without knowing exactly what the tool is used for.

Before we get started, as my norm, let me first outline the list of the sub-topics we are to cover in this entire article so that you can a full image of what you should expect:-

  • General Overview / Summary
  • What is SEO
  • What is  a Keyword
  • What is a Keyword Research Tool
  • What is JAAXY?
  • How does it Work?
  • Pricing
  • Other features
  • Support
  • The Affiliate Program
  • Conclusion
The jaaxy review 2020

Without further ado, let us get started.

General Overview / Summary

Tool: Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

Official Website:

Signup Price: $0 – We gonna cover this in detail

Overall rating: 4.8 out of 5.0

Owner: Kyle & Carson

That is a simple summary.  Now let us first understand the real meaning of SEO that might seem different from the way some people define it.

What is SEO?

As we all know that SEO is just an acronym. The full name is Search Engine Optimization. Let us see what it means.

Search Engine Optimization: This is a process whereby a content owner tries to configure the content so that it can be indexed in good as well as getting good rankings.

In case this is so technical, consider this. It can be defined as the way of making your website friendly with Google. It is not that Google is the only search engine out there. I have mentioned it because it is the most concerned. It covers the greater percentage.

Search Engine Optimization most of the time rotates around keywords and this where keyword research tools come in.

This also forces us to at least see what a keyword is.

What is a Keyword? – The Magic Behind SEO

A keyword is the main thing all the other strategies rotate around. We target at making them smarter every day.

Consider a keyword as something a user types in the browser to get some valuable information from the internet. For example, someone trying to know how to ride an automatic car, this term is regarded as a keyword. So if you have written some good content around this topic on your website, it is more likely that Google will direct this person who wants to know about the topic on your website.

Remember, many people have already written about this topic. Now you will have to be very wise while selecting the keyword that has higher searching volume as well to know how competitive the keyword is. You will never know all of this information unless you use a keyword research tool such as JAAY. Now I am sure you know how keywords are related to SEO as well as these tools.

Everyone can be an expert in the field of keyword research. You can make SEO as easy as you may need. Now let us see what is a Keyword research tool.

What is a Keyword Research Tool?

Getting keywords that will rank, of course, you will need to research so that you get some good ones and the comparison must exist as well. You will need a tool. It is a Keyword research tool. It will automate each and everything for you in just a single click.

I define a keyword research tool as the tool used when performing keyword research. Or simply a tool that automates the keyword research process.

After that brief SEO introduction, let us look into our real topic.

The Jaaxy Review 2020

What is Jaaxy?

Jaaxy is the most advanced, easy to use the tool I have seen on the internet. I don’t mean that it is the only tool available but I am impressed by the way this tool works and the way its user interface was organized.

After starting using Jaaxy, it took me only three weeks to start seeing some real fruits of organic traffic. Now it is almost 2 years since I started using this tool. I wanted to confirm whether I can get another tool that could out-compete this in terms of functionality. I found another tool that is called Long Tail Pro. I loved it first because it seemed to have all that JAAXY had, but, I later came to find out that I was very wrong. Jaaxy is still the best. I will not talk about the flaws of Long Tail Pro in this article because it’s not the main aim of the article.

This tool is used by many online businesses. In this case, consider bloggers, affiliate marketers, local hosting companies as well as international ones.

How Does Jaaxy Work?

Knowing how something works are the crucial part especially when we are rating any tool, service, or product. Because of the way it works to determine whether you will be successful in your business through this tool or it will never work for your business.

So how does Jaaxy work? Consider the screenshot below and then we see the explanation.

The Jaaxy Review 2020

The formula that Jaaxy follows during its performance. After signing up, you just enter the keyword you want to know its status as in, how competitive it is, what are the monthly searches and others. The information is retrieved from the databases and presented as demonstrated in the above screenshot. Let us further break down that screenshot especially those figures in results because nothing so advanced more than these figures.

If you closely observe that screenshot, you’ll realize that JAAXY has got 7 fields(columns). Namely:-

  1. Keyword
  2. Avg
  3. Traffic
  4. QSR
  5. KQI
  6. SEO
  7. Domains

They will need to know what is the meaning of each column above. This will make you get a full image of every column available per keyword search. The columns are explained below:-

1. Keyword:

This is the column that contains the keyword you have searched as well as the possible keywords that may resemble the one you are currently dealing with. You can just click on any other keyword to come out with a new search that is related to that particular keyword.

2. Avg:

This column has the average number of searches per month of a given keyword. It is not the average of that keyword in that particular month. It is not live information but very close because it smartly calculates that average basing on advanced algorithms as well as retrieving data from the trusted databases.

It is important to opt for a keyword that has a minimum of 40 searches month. The higher the better but even other columns/factors matter.

3. Traffic

This column shows you the possible monthly traffic. This traffic is not 100% assured. You can get this traffic and more if you rank only in Google on the first page. No matter which position but on the first page. Even though you are residing on position three on the first page, chances are there that someone who is searching will skip the 2 websites in positions one and two and opens yours and the reverse is true. We don’t care much about this column.

4. QSR

This indicates the number of websites that have ranked for that same keyword. It simply means these are your competing websites.

It is always recommended that this number stays under 100 competing websites especially when your website is still new. It’s very hard to outcompete old websites when they are too many.

The less the better here. If your website starts being recognized by Google as well as other search engines like yahoo and bing, you can now start considering this number to even be in a range of 200 and 250.


These moves together. KQI is categorized as poor, normal, good, and great. I think you can’t ask here the best alternative, of course, it is great. Then the SEO column ranges from 0 up to 100. It is calculated in percentage and here, the higher the better. Consider selecting keywords with the percentage rate of at least 85.

Have you got a keyword with 99? Wow, just grab it and start writing but don’t forget the number o competing websites also.


This is where the available domains of that keyword appear

Jaaxy Pricing

Jaay has a free plan that limits you to only 30 keyword searches as well as 20 search result rows. The Jaaxy pricing is demonstrated in the image below, with no much-complicated explanation.

Other Features

  • Data sorting feature
  • Instant competition analysis
  • Save lists of categorized keywords for future use
  • Alphabet Soup Technique Search
  • Multi-threaded search functions

And there are so many features you will understand the functionality after starting to use it.

Pros & Cons

It has got some pros that are plenty as well as some few cons as it is applied to all software.


Here I am not mentioning things people find as Pros, I mean the pros that I experienced with the tool. These are some of them.

  • Jaaxy has got several unique words.
  • Easy to use
  • Very cheap
  • It has many other SEO important tools.
  • Availability of training materials
  • Understable User interface


  • 30 searches almost mean no free trial because sometimes it requires even 60 searches to get a one suitable keyword to use in your business.

Affiliate Program

Jaaxy affiliate program is the best out of hundreds there. You will get 10 searches free for a new member you have signed up.

For the Pro members, you will refer to JAAXY, you will get paid $8 monthly and recurring. For enterprise package, you will get $20 per month recurring.

Due to everyday emerging online businesses, every business will need SEO services, this means they also need to buy the keyword tool.


Those are my thoughts concerning as well as experience. Feel free to comment on anything, we shall be grateful to reach to respond to your comment.

Verdict: Jaaxy, recommended

Than you. Peace!

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