the wix website builder review

The Wix Website Builder Review

WIX is one of the popular website builders available on the market today. Bear with me in this article The Wix Website Builder Review, after reading it fully, you will be knowing all the needed to get started with the Wix website builder.

Before we go further, you have to first keep in mind that Wix is not just a website builder, it covers all the essentials starting from automatic web development, hosting, domain names as well as email handling.

As we are speaking now, Wix is having users counting up to 100 million. These users come from different locations of the world. This is because, with Wix you can create any kind of website you may think of in only a few minutes, belief, or not.

This has saved a lot of people who are not that good in web development technologies to own their right of creating websites without coding skills required. Wix has got an awesome editor as well as a variety of available, ready to use templates. Before we go further, as usual, let me first outline the main topics which we are going to cover in this article.

They include the following:-

  • Summary / Overview
  • Editor
  • Themes
  • Elements
  • Blog
  • Free Plan
  • Pricing
  • Domains
  • E-commerce
  • Affiliate program

Now let’s get started.

Overview / Summary

Brand: Ltd
Main Activity: Hosting & Web Development Company
Overall Rating: 4.6 out 5.0
Establishment: 2006
Founder: Avishai Abrahami, Nadav Abrahami, and Giora Kaplan
Locale: Tel Aviv, Israel


The Wix editor is so user-friendly and very easy to use. It is built upon the drag and drop technology whereby you place any element of the website in the exact location you desire it to be and let the other coding stuff be generated by the system automatically. It’s very simple as compared to the way we drag stuff in PowerPoint, yeah you’ve heard me well.

One thing that makes Wix’s editor very different and awesome is the fact that, you are not listed to specific rows and columns when dragging and dropping. This means you can drag to and from anywhere you wish. Completely unstructured.

Structured editors like that of square space limit the user too much as compared to Wix. But they are some cons of unstructured editors as well. It can be very messy because they give you all the freedom to place website content in any location of the site. This requires some designing skills.


When selecting Themes from Wix, just make sure that you select the right one because there is no option of reselecting another theme. So, think twice before you select. Even though they have got over 500 themes, they give you just one chance. Wix has got cool themes that can suit any need you may think of. Some Wix themes look outdated. But why could you select something looking outdated?

Wix is good at AI technologies. They have awesome tools known as Wix ADI which is I think its Artificial Design Intelligence. This algorithm creates variations which are very small between the available templates.

Even though this Artificial Intelligence tool is available at Wix, I rarely support users to opt for it simply because Artificial Intelligence is still at testing/early stages.

All Wix themes are 100% responsive. What I mean, they can look good and nice on all devices including mobile phones. This does not eradicate the fact that, some cases have been reported where Wix users are complaining that their websites can not be fully translated to there needs on mobile phones. You may consider editing each page for mobile and computers, it seems like double work but it makes some sense to your business.

Bear in mind that, if you already owning a brand with your matching/uniform colors, it can be a bit tedious to deal with colors in this editor. This means you will do some stuff manually.

One of the problems I have heard many people encountering is all about changing the font size. they claim that if the font size is changed, the logo also is messed up with.

So, Wix is far better than its main competitors such as Weebly, Squarespace, and others because of its high flexibility. They hand in all the authority to the website owner. Do whatever you want or make your website look the way you love it to look like.

Wix has got a variety of options which I never saw in the website creators I had used before testing the way their editor works. You can easily add your animations, images cropping, very many options at Wix. I have mentioned a few here but you can open up a free plan so that you test them out.

Elements and Features

After starting to use Wix, you will be amazed by the number of available features which are existing on the platform. Let me list them down below together with a summarized description each.

1. Repeaters

I don’t know whether there is a website builder that has this feature because I have tried to research it and I came out with zero results. This term in Wix just describes a simple database.

The way it works, you just have to tell Wix the datatype of a certain field. And let it deal with the database for matching the entries to the correct database location. I have for sure never seen any website builder offering this feature except Wix.

2. App Market

This is very important for individuals who may need additional functionalities to their websites. This feature includes more than three hundred apps that can be used to add functionalities. One thing you have to keep in mind here is that, some apps are charged by Wix if not other third parties.

3. Bookings

With this feature, customers can book through your site. After customers have booked, they can book and receive email notifications straight away. These notifications can be reminders or just confirmation.

4. Restaurants

If you are thinking of setting up your restaurant online, Wix has got for you a feature that allows you to add menus, online features of delivery, and the most exciting one, a reservation app. This means reservations can directly be done from your website without any stress.

5. Wix Music

Wix has a variety of music players. It’s a great selection. When we put this aside, you can also distribute music on Wix.

6. The Wix Art Store

This self-explanatory but let me try to elaborate more about it. This amazing feature can make you serious money if you can sit and plan. This is because it allows you to sell digital graphics and images. You can go as further as branding images with your watermark and you are the one also to create the digital licenses which control your images.

7. Forums

A forum is a great tool except when your business starts to grow. With this feature, members can register on your site, set usernames and passwords, add posts, comments, and others.

Forums can help you to keep your customers around as a community. You build trust with them hence continuous relation and transactions.

There are so many features on Wix that I have not mentioned here such as Events, payments systems to mention but a few.


When it comes to blogging with Wix, its very easy to get started. The blog editor is a bit structured as compared to a full website editor we have been talking about in a few paragraphs above. You can add images, videos, and other types of data like documents in your blog posts. They have a cool writing area with a lot of standard useful options for bloggers.

The way blog posts are viewed on your website is one of the vital concerns of Wix. This way, you are provided with about eight layout styles of the blog posts. Feel free to switch from one another whenever you feel like it.

Don’t forget that all the known standard features of a blog are 100% supported. For example:-

  • Drafts
  • Categorization
  • Authors
  • and others

After this, you then start observing the additional features which are no as the same as the very standard ones. An additional feature are listed below:-

  • Word and view counters
  • Cover images/photos
  • Avatars
  • And others

AMP is strictly not supported by Wix. You can find this service on Squarespace. The comments system is also available. But I have heard that they deactivated Facebook commenting. I am not sure whether this is temporary or just a permanent decision.

The Free Plan

Even though Wix is known for its free plan, I can not recommend it if you intend to put your business online to make real money or build a real brand. Why? The free domain name just shows where your business is hosted from. It also shows your visitors that your business is not serious at all. How can you fail to brand your business with a cheap domain of about $13.0 or less?

The other limitation of the free plan is the fact that they only offer you a 500 MBs bandwidth which is enough for starters who are getting used to the platform. It can help you know how things work.

You will not be able to escape Wix Ads inside your website when you have subscribed to a free plan. The good thing about the Wix’s free plan is that you

  • Get free hosting for your simple website.
  • Your trial period will never expire.

Wix Plans Pricing

Wix has got two(2) main plans that are:-

  1. Website
  2. Business & Ecommerce

Both of these two are subdivided into four(4) and three(3) respectively. The two screenshots below will explain it clearly:-

Plan One

the wix website builder review

Plan Two

The Wix Website Builder Review


Try Wix now

If you observe those two screenshots above, you will find out that Wix has 7 plans that are sub-categorized under the two.

Domains & Emails at Wix

If you are ready to take your business to the next level, of course, you will need to buy a domain name. At Wix you can simply buy a domain for $14.95 a year. Keep in mind that that domain name does not include WHOIS privacy.

If your websites WHOIS information is not secured, you may out your website at risk. If your contact and other information are public, hackers may take advantage o that, and in the end, you get hacked.

You can consider Namecheap for cheap domains at a price of only $14. It might be the same as that of Wix but, After registering your domain using Wix, you will be allowed to set up the email for your website easily.



Wix is ramping up features of commerce day today. They have a list of e-commerce core features. Coupon codes can be easily handled, free shipping, and others.

They recently updated the feature that was not working whereby everyone was not able to edit recipient contact.

The Wix Affiliate Program

I assume that you already know the meaning of the work Affiliate Program. It is simply a program that will enable you to earn some money from Wix through bringing to the customers who can buy one of their products and mainly hosting.

Driving paying traffic to Wix can really be paying. This is because Wix has at least established a strong brand especially through advertisements. So you will need to explain less to the client you are trying to attract to Wix.

How Much Can I Earn With Wix

When it comes to earning with the Wix’s Affiliate Program, you will be amazed at how quickly you can get money from Wix. Wix pays a sum of $100 per one conversion. This is really pretty cool as compared to the other affiliate programs out there that pay around $5 or any amount but surrounding to this figure.

Affiliate Tools

Wix has made advertising very easy for experienced and starting affiliates. They have many tools such as banners and they keep refreshing them regularly.

The Sky is Your Limit

By this I mean, if you decide to sign up for the Wix Affiliate program, you will not need to worry about the number of people you can drive to Wix, the sky will be your limit.


That’s the basic information you need to get started with Wix. Wix is a cool website builder and its Affiliate program can make you some decent money. That being said, never hesitate to express your ideas in the comment box down below, one of our authors will be happy to reach out so that your queries are solved.

Thanks. Peace be upon you!

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