What is siterubix about

What is Siterubix About? – Build a Website in 30 seconds!

Have you been asking yourself what is Siterubix about? It is not a deal to know what it is about. I am going to let you know everything about this platform in this summarized article.

When Siterubi started, it was just a simple tool and it has gone so many updates hence resulting in an advanced website building platform of the 21at century. It mainly targets newbies in the field of setting up a website in just seconds. I am not mistaken or making it very easy, I mean seconds.

Before we start this awesome conversation, let us first see the article outline as usual:-

  • Overview / Summary
  • What is Siterubix?
  • Who Should Use Siterubix?
  • The Siterubix Pricing?
  • Pros & Cons
  • How do I get Started with Siterubix?
  • Free features to expect
  • Conclusion

Now let us get started

Overview / Summary

Platform: SiterubixPurpose: Websites setup

Founder: Kyle & Carson

Powered by: WordPress

Official Website: www.siterubix.com

Overall Rating: 4.8 out 4.8

What is siterubix about
Siterubix Home

What is Siterubix?

It is a simple website builder. It is clean and pretty easy to use since it is built over one of the most used WordPress. The most popular Content Management System – CMS.

The combination of WordPress and Siterubix makes website setup pretty easy for both beginners as well as experienced developers as long as your main aim is to put your business online. This is what always makes Siterubix at least different from hundreds of builders outside there.

Do you have a business idea and you would love to put it live so that it can be accessed by billions of internet users? Siterubi will set you free because of its simple to use interface.

It was a bit hard to use Sirerubix in recent years but all of the technical jargon has been removed and it is being improved the by day.

Siterubix is not a standalone tool. It is part of the Wealthy Affiliate, the largest platform for online business owners as well as Affiliate Marketers of all levels. I mean from novice level to advanced then to pro. So you’ll have to look into THIS PLATFORM.

Wealthy Affiliate has got all the training you may need in order to be successful with Siterubix. Wealthy Affiliate is ideal for business people of any kind.

Who should use Siterubix?

Siterubix is not targeting any kind of specific people. As long as you want a live website now online, you just decide and grab your account. In less than a minute your website will be on the internet and you will be able to show it to your audience.

In summary, Siterubi can be of advantage to the following groups of people:-

  • Affiliate marketers who promote products and services to earn a commission.
  • Those who are willing to set up and online shop
  • In case you need to setup E-commerce services because WordPress has a number of plugins and themes that can help your e-commerce business grow.
  • Bloggers who would love to write about different topics of line such as Finance, Affiliate marketing, lifestyle, health, Making money online, Hosting, domain reselling, beauty and cosmetics, relationships, religion, technology, and so many others. It is, as long as you want to start blogging.
  • Any organization that needs a website for online presence.
  • In case you want to set up an online course teaching your expertise either for free or to earn some good income,
  • Web developers who want to handle their client’s websites by a good Content Management System.
  • Someone interested to set up a personal website
  • A portfolio displaying projects or anything you may think of a website can do.

I a sure you at least get it. I mean what are the target users of the platform. You know them and if you are among them, let us proceed and if you are not among them, it’s your choice to quit. But don’t quit because you might find something important in this article.

The Siterubix Pricing

Even if something is too good, one of the reasons that can make someone quit most of the time is about the pricing.

Now, let me take this opportunity to inform you that Siterubix is absolutely free. You can get up yo 2 free websites plus 2 domains that are not fully branded. I mean the Siterubix subdomains that go like [ .siterubix.com].

In case you want to get the full functionality of Siterubix, you will need to consider signing up for Wealthy Affiliate. Now, let us see the Wealthy Affiliate Plans.

They are summarized below:-

  • Starter Plan: This is the endless plan that gives you 2 free websites plus free hosting. This plan falls under their Siterubix plan mentioned above.
  • Premium Membership Plan: This is the plan you’ll decide to join after testing the free plan and knowing the full worth of the platform. The premium plan costs $49 but I swear, the favors you get are too much than those 49 bucks. I always tell people that, Wealthy Affiliate value is equivalent to $10,000 and other active members claim higher than me, even.
  • With the premium plan, if you decide to pay yearly, you pay just $359. It is really a great discount if you make some calculations.

Wealthy Affiliate Free registration

Just stay assured that for the first month of Premium. You’ll enjoy the entire platform at just a price of $19. This means that you will be having fewer chances of losing your money. So that how you can really exploit all the advantages of Siterubix through the Wealthy Affiliate Platform.

Just know that with the Premium membership with Siterubi, you will have the capability of full branding your business through buying your own domain at a  price of as low as $13.

With the premium membership, all the security features come pre-installed on our website such as a free SSL certificate, anti-malware scanners, and removers, daily backup mechanisms. And others.

Pros & Cons

Now let us again talk about the Pros and Cons available so that you know them before you perform a full decision on whether you will start using Siterubix or not.


  • Free & always will be
  • Upgradeable for more advantages
  • Very easy to setup
  • Completely managed
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Very secure
  • Money-back guarantee for the premium membership
  • No need to be a techy geek
  • Live support
  • Awesome Community
  • Unlimited Email accounts
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Search Engine Optimization configured


  • Limited for features for starter members es[ecially after the first week
  • You will not get cPanel but the dashboard is all that you need
  • Too much content available within the platform. You can feel more than overwhelmed.

That is all about the Pros & Cons of the Siterubix Website Builder.

How do I get started with the Siterubix?

The only away I will always advise you in order to get started with the siterubix is already stated in this very article and it is none rather than first signing up for the free Wealthy Affiliate membership and you will decide later whether you need to upgrade to premium or not.

Free features to expect

  1. A free network that has millions of entrepreneurs
  2. A free keyword research tool This will ease your SEO strategy
  3. 24/7 Site Support
  4. Free Affiliate program as well as training
  5. Hosting of 50 websites
  6. Site Healthy monitor
  7. Weekly live webinars

You may have already noticed that Siterubi has a great attachment to Wealthy Affiliate. It is simply because they are both owned by the same owners and they work ford in the of the times.

Even though I have mentioned too much stuff about the Siterubix builder as well as the Wealthy Affiliate platform, I assure you that I have only mentioned like 30% because this review has been mainly for Siterubix but I could not explain its full functionality without including the Wealthy Affiliate info.

So, if you are willing to start your journey of starting an in business, now the ball is in your hands.


That is the little I could elaborate so that I scrutinize about this topic What is Siterubix about? Even though the question has been a bit broad but we have at least got a general idea.

I am not exceeding here but I request you to drop your comments in the comment box down below this blog. We shall be very grateful for reaching out to your queries.

Thank You. Peace!

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