What Is The Best Way To Make Money Online

What Is The Best Way To Make Money Online?- Google Adsense Vs Wealthy Affiliate.

Hello, thanks for visiting my site and for reading my article(s). Due to increased fraud and scam sites in the online space, aspiring online entrepreneurs are easily distracted or even discouraged from trying out the opportunities in this online space. So, it has been our obligation for quite some time to guide those who want to create their fortune online. Like in my last article about how YouTube pays for videos. We aim at exposing any opportunity that is available in the online world which can help someone to change his or her life. Not only that but also to expose the malicious sites(scammers) which might be dangerous in one way or the other. And today am here to expose you to two opportunities that could give you real, time and financial freedom. Yeah, that’s it, let’s go……

Two Ways To Make Money Online.

  1. Google AdSense
  2. Wealthy Affiliate

Are you sick of crazy schedules? Do you like to earn loads of money online? or to create your home-based online business? Today we are going to discuss Google Adsense as our first way of making money online in a more detailed way. Many internet experts use Adsense to boost their income using some secret but simple methods and mechanisms that you probably not aware of. It takes some decent learning to know what works and what doesn’t. Save yourself some time and find out what are some super methods that can increase your Adsense earnings.

What Do You Know About Google Adsense?

You probably know or have heard of Google Adsense, if not, then just know that many people from all corners of the world make thousands of dollars from the Google Adsense program every month. This is one of the most reliable programs to create your online business income. One of the reasons why I like Google Adsense is the fact that it’s free to join and simple to make money with it. Yes, you heard that right “It’s simple to make money with Google Adsense”. Let’s dive into some of the methods that will help you to make lots of money with Google Adsense.

1. Having a well-organized website

The only possibility for regular folks to increase Adsense income is to build a well-organized site, you will find many publishers of the view that you should have multiple sites to make decent amounts of dollars with Adsence but this might do more harm than good. From one site a publisher said,

” Set your mind to build 2 mini-sites (5 pages each) a week, and in one year, you have 100 sites earning good Google Adsense income for you. Even if one site earns you a dollar a day, it is a $3000 monthly income”.

I am of the view that building a well-organized website, and publishing unique content regularly will increase your search engine rankings and it will create trust in your readers(your website visitors). Multiple sites are hard to manage and you may find your self failing to grow an audience for all your sites. Set your mind on having a well-established site that has a high number of visitors per day, trust me you will make it.

I don’t deny the fact that many Adsense gurus make their income by maintaining various websites. But again many successful marketers declare that their Google Adsense income is based on a single established website. He also had to say, “Not many people can build well-optimized sites that pull in thousands of visitors a day“. YES, TRUE. At this point, I agree with this statement, creating a successful online business is only for those who are serious and committed to the business. With proper training, any serious individual can create a successful online business.

2. Create Unique Content Regularly?

Content is the king. So you’ll need to produce fresh unique content regularly. Only by using unique content, you can increase your Adsense income tremendously. In the past, copy and paste content could still rank well in the search engines. But due to advanced technology, Nowadays search engines eject them out of their index faster than before. Successful online business owners create unique content using a few methods.

  • By researching and writing.
  • Rewriting private label articles.
  • Hiring ghostwriters to do the job.

Let’s look at each of the above methods in detail.

Researching and writing

This method can be painful but rewarding, After making research about a given topic that is related to your niche, write a fresh article, and publish it. You need to read blogs, books, or join forums that are related to your niche. It may seem hectic at the beginning but you’ll become used to it as time goes on.

Hiring ghostwriters.

This is fabulous if you already have an established site. Many webmasters are not writing for themselves, they hire professional writers to do the job for them. As you heard hiring, this is appropriate when your site is already making some money, or else it may need you to invest some big amount of money at the start.

Rewriting private label articles

This is a quicker method of generating content regularly but sufficient editing of at least 80% percent is required. You shouldn’t just edit for the sake of creating content for your website, but you should add value to those articles. Keep it in mind that you are not writing for search engines but your readers.

Do article spinners work?

Probably you heard of article spinners that guarantee you unique content? Most of them simply make keyword change and paraphrasing. These auto rewritten articles are never unique to search engines and in many cases, the rewritten content is unclear. Though, I do agree that plr articles can be helpful once you edit and add value to that content.

3. Keyword Research

If you have been following my blogs you will see that I talk much about keyword, just because they can make or break your website. A KeyWord is just a phrase that people type in the search bar of the browser while searching for something on the internet. To read more about keywords, I have this article here. Some of my Keyword tools preferences, Google Keyword Research Tool, and JAAXY KEYWORD TOOL. Keywords will highly determine your ranking in search engines.

Keyword research is necessary to rank in the search engines and so, this concept must be well grasped by new or experienced webmasters. You shouldn’t rush into it if you aim to boost Adsense income. You shouldn’t make the blunder of not making fitting and thorough keyword research. If you wish to put your Google Adsense income on autopilot increase, you should invest in keyword research.

Steps For Joining Google Adsense.

1. Create a Website.

You must have a website where you will place the ads. You can build a free blogger site on blogger.com though this is not the best option. There are platforms out there that will give you all the support you need to build your website even if you have no technical knowledge.

2. Create your free account

To begin earning from Google Adsense you require to create your account for a free account, after a few days you will be approved and your advert code will be sent so you can to display adverts on any web page.
3. Follow the instructions given by google and place your advert code into your site to start earning.
4. Read more about SEO tips available on the web, they will help to optimize your site for search engines to get a steady stream of traffic to your blog. This will greatly increase clicks on your adverts hence increasing your income.
It isn’t sweeter than that, you get paid monthly to your bank account or even by cheque. If you don’t believe my words then just google “AdSense millionaire” and see for yourself.

Is Adsense The Best Way To Make Money Online.

If you have a well-established website, you will make a reasonable amount of money through AdSense but that doesn’t mean that it’s the best way to make money online. There are other ways are far better than Adsense. Believe or not, a big percentage of successful online earners does not use Adsense on their websites, do you know why? Then continue reading.

Why Adsense Is Not The Best Option

Adsence means selling your traffic(your website visitors) to other sites, This might not be a good idea, because the hardest part in online marketing is getting reasonable targeted traffic on your site so once you send them away they may not come back. If, someone is ready to pay $1- $2 just to get a single view on his/her website. Then why would you accept $0.68 to sell your visitor? Besides that, read the next paragraph.

Google is ready to pay up to $0.68 per click, but do you know that the visitor you sent way may buy a product worth $100. Is that comparable to the $0.68 that you were paid, there might be a miscalculation. Now what? Continue reading.

The #1 Alternative for Adsense

You may probably be looking for a top online business idea, you need to be very careful, there are many so-called top online home-based businesses, claiming to make you rich quick. To be honest, 90% of online businesses fail within the first 4 months. Is this scary? yes, it is but it’s a fact. Most successful online businesses will require some hard work on your part. But if you are willing to put some elbows grease, and seriously you want to start an online, your success is guaranteed.

So here is the right home online business opportunity that you were looking for?


Wealthy Affiliate is the number platform for you to start a successful online business. At Wealthy Affiliate, you will find the best tools that you will need to start your online business. Remember you need to build your website, and this can be very expensive if you don’t know what you are doing. No need to worry, at Wealthy Affiliate you will be guided from the first step of your online business until when you realize your success.

What You’ll Get After Joining Wealthy Affiliate.

  • A super affiliate program that gives you a 50% commission. This is the best alternative for Adsense.
  • You’ll get two profit ready professionally built Websites if you join as a free member. Join here
  • High-quality training that can’t be found anywhere else on the internet.
  • A guide to selling your own product/service or affiliate marketing which involves selling products from merchant sites like Amazon and others.
  • 24/7 support which is almost instant whenever you need it.
  • 50 websites if you join as a premium member. Join as a premium member and get 50% discount on your first month $49 $19
  • Affiliate Bootcamp, if you are unsure of the kind of business you can do online this for you.
  • A community of thousands of people who are all interested in your success.
  • A great hosting platform like no other.
  • More than 1,000,000 affiliate products.
  • Video training
  • Direct support from the founders.
  • You can read this review to know more about Wealthy Affiliate. Click here

Affiliate Marketing vs Google Adsense

I recommended Wealthy Affiliate just because it the best affiliate marketing platform and yet affiliate marketing is the best alternative for Adsense. Now let me show you this scenario-based comparison between affiliate marketing and Adsence.

Let assume you got 100 clicks on your Adsense ads. The highest amount you can receive is 0.68*100 =$68. Now if you get 100 conversions in an affiliate program that gives you a 50% commission. Example based on WealthyAffiliate.

1 premium sale is 49 dollars=>50% will be 24.5o dollars.

If you made 100 sales => 100*24.50 = $2450.

Now compare how much revenue you can lose if you decide to send your traffic to others.

In conclusion, Any successful business needs hard work, commitment, learning, and support from those who are already successful in that field. So the time is now, Start today every step will count on success.

Let others see your opinion on this topic by leaving a comment in the comment box below.

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  1. Interesting review on Google Adsense, I’ve heard of it in the past and might even have used the platform years ago if I remember rightly. Whilst reading your review of it, it gave me a aha moment when you said why have ad sense on your site for earn money from visitors clicking away from your site to someone else for a few cents. If they stayed on my site and bought something through one of my links I could possible earn many hundreds of times more than that small amount. 

  2. Hello Mugalu, you have brought out two well known means of making money online and I am really pleased to see the comparison between bit of these great income means. I have been a. Members of wealthy affiliate and I must admit being able to own your own site and comfortably make your money at your confidence is something we all should try out and that’s is WA giving you that opportunity. I am still in my learning phase and WA and hopefully, I will own my site and make money from it. Cheers.

  3. Everyone knows google but few know how it actually works. This is a good point you have here. We who google help every website we stand on make money. Therefore, he who says they don’t work for others are wrong. Funny how things work out. I’ve tried Wealthy affiliate and it really is worth it. However, when I mention it to locals, they never heard of it. 🙁

  4. Good information here. i am just getting my feet wet with online business and I appreciate honest opinions and explanations as to whether i am on the right track. I think what is attractive about the wealthy affiliate model is the support by its managers and members. People who like me who are not so conversant with terms and all these techy methods would have to have support in order to succeed. The price is quite affordable too. Thank you for the analysis

  5. I have not really madeuse of the Google AdSense before even though I have heard about it and seem some other people use it too. I think it is a beauty that you can teach us about it. I am member of the wealthy affiliate program that I really like. I only feel it is correct that it is a better option to the Google AdSense we discussed here. I like the information you gave. Nice work!

  6. You are doing a great job in providing information about the opportunities in the online space, as well as scams aiming to take advantage of vulnerable people.  Thank you for publishing this article, its very informative and an eye opener for those who are new in online business.  I have recently joined Wealthy Affiliate, and highly appreciate the support and access to the best technology.  My business is growing.  I applied to Google Adsense but rejected, and the fact that they don’t provide the reason/s for rejection is discouraging.  

  7. Though AdSense offers a better offer for us to make quite a lot of money, I love every bit of this post here. AdSense is like the best possible way I was ysi g to generate money before getting to know about other legit means like affiliate marketing through wealthy affiliate. You are right on spot with this post. Thanks

  8. Thank you for your post. It is useful for me. I started my online business for a while now and am actively looking for money-making opportunities.

    Your article introduces two effective money-making opportunities, adsense and Wealthy Affiliate. I like Wealthy Affiliate better since it provides high commission and the income is recurring. Like you, I encourage anyone who has intention to make money online should try this program. It is free to start.

    It is kind of you sharing the money-making opportunities with us. 

  9. Affiliate marketing is definitely a much, ,much better bet for making money than Google Adsense. For the same website traffic and conversions, the affiliate product commissions run into several tens of dollars at least for each product buy. Wtih Google Adsense, every click generates just a few cents and I would need so many more clicks to earn just a few dollars. From your recommendation, I see that Wealthy Affiliate is a good platform for learning and running a niche site with Affiliate marketing. I will first try out the free plan option and see how much I like it. Thank you for your review.

  10. I found your article very useful . There are so many ways of making money online . You can create your niche website on WEALTHY affiliate platform.  Promoting your own product or any  affiliate product Like Click bank , Amazon associate program or even you can promote Wealthy Affiliate  program on your website.Besides this you can join adsense program if you have a content rich website and have certain number of traffic on your site. Otherwise adsense usually rejects application.

    I haven’t got good experience with adsense as they close my account after one month.

    Well Thanks for sharing this great article!

  11. Affiliate marketing is certainly the best way to make money online.

    I have been contemplating cutting off all ties with Google Adsense but I thought it would somehow affect my ranking? Do you know if ending my affiliations with them can decrease my ranking? I always imagined that Google would prefer to rank sites that are actually working “For” them. I don’t know how true that is though.

     All I know is I feel like Google Adsense has more ads on my articles than I have links and it can be very distracting and disturbs the flow of my articles :/ 

    Wealthy affiliate is definitely a good affiliate program. I host my Website with them and scrape some affiliate profits here and there but I have never really pursued the opportunity. Thanks for the motivation. 

    I will put more effort into it. It is truly a great opportunity

    • Google is in control but they are ethical in business, actually, if you have quality unique content Google will rank your site well even if you don’t participate in Adsense.

  12. I have made a few websites over the years, though most were to provide customers a service, not to monetize directly off the site. I am really only starting out in the online marketing industry, so it’s good to read up on the different ways you can make money online.

    Interesting enough is that I had organized google ad-sense years ago, but didn’t really look too deeply into it.I think it’s time to dig deeper into the rabbit hole and find where it could lead to. I agree with having a well organized website with quality content, the user experience is paramount. You can’t expect people to trust the adverts on your page if they don’t trust your site.

  13. Hello there, such a nice and informative article. In this critical time that this pandemic has rendered so many jobless, the best alternative for earning is an online business. Wealthy affiliate is indeed the best online platform for earning, I have been with wealthy affiliate for some time now and I must confess the experience has been awesome with fascinating features and free membership. It’s a trusted and reliable platform for everyone be it a beginner or an expert. 

  14. Well! This is really a great thing to see here and I must say that I really appreciate you for all you have shared here. The truth be spoken, this is really a great post here and to be honest, this would really be worthy enough to invest into. Thank you for sharing the best ways to make money online especially with blogging

  15. During this difficult time, I have no choice but to look at my options to work online. I heard that a lot of people are making money from joining Google Adsense as well but wow I do not know that there are many steps involved! Thanks for clarifying that. Well I guess Adsense is more like a passive income category, you do not make a lot of money from it but you do make some. If you want to make a lot of money, you are just gonna have to build your own business and take it from there. I will check Wealthy Affiliate out, who doesn’t want to make more money 🙂 I do not mind doing the hard work and the commitment. 

  16. You made an excellent comparison between AdSense and Wealthy Affiliate (WA) . I agree with the positive points you cited for WA as better than Google AdSense. I have Google ads as well as WA promotions in my site. My two cents: I think both complement each other; both are revenue earner. 

    • As I said, google Adsense is good and it can generate revenue but affiliate marketing makes more sense.

  17. Hallo there Mansoor, 

    I would also want to agree with you as a person who has tried both resources to make money. Personally, I chose to go with wealthy affiliate after I tried to make money with Adsense without any of my efforts bearing any fruits. I have been in wealthy affiliate for the last 5 years and I have learned lots as well as having created a full time income out of it not to mention interacting with top players in various industries. I would recommend it over and over again.

  18. Hello there thanks for this review. Well being a wealthy affiliat member I can say boldly that this platform is actually the best platform ever. I have had the opportunity to be in several online marketing platform and none have been able to match up with WA. Although I don’t know much about goodle AdSense but I think WA is still the best.

  19. Very good information. i just started  WA online business and I appreciate your opinions and explanations as to whether I am headed in the right direction. I think what is leaned me towards the wealthy affiliate model is the support by its managers and members as well as the honest cost to get started. Thank you, you validated my decision.

  20. I’ve been considering using Google Adsense on my website for some time now but I sometimes feel there are more ‘cons’ than ‘pros’ to doing this.

    You make an excellent point about inadvertently sending your website visitors away to another site and there is a definite trade off between a guaranteed income through ad clicks, however small, and potentially losing higher paying sales from your own or your affiliated products and services.

    If you have an authority site making lots of sales then something like Adsense shouldn’t really be necessary. It seems to me that Adsense is something for that ‘middle zone’, where your website is starting to gain traction in the search engines but has not yet established itself as an authority site with high conversion rates. 

    I’ve heard that another downside of Adsense is that it can adversely affect your site speed which can have the knock on effect of people leaving your site if the download is taking too long. In that respect, it probably comes into it’s own in that ‘middle zone’ again, where your site doesn’t have a huge amount of content on it so an additional revenue source in the interim would make sense. 

    What are your thoughts on this?

    • As I said, i did not contradict my self, you can make money with Adsense but it is not the best alternative


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