What is The Weebly Website Builder

What is The Weebly Website Builder | The 2020 Honest Review!

What is The Weebly Website Builder

In case you love to know what is the Weebly website builder, here you are now. I am going to reveal all the secrets behind this website builder.

There are so many Website builders out there. I can not say that Weebly is the best and I can’t say that it is bad, but I am going to give you my honest review based on a bunch of reasons such as research as well as the experience of people using Weebly. I have a lot of friends who consider Weebly their first priority, but their reasons are sounding and I am going to let you know, why.

Keep in mind that this article is 100% not biased. So I am going to tell you all of the Advantages and disadvantages of Weebly in later sections.

I am going to be giving all the information about Weebly tools like e-commerce, templates, apps, flexibility and so much more.

You can’t judge Weebly that it’s bad or good because it depends on the kind of business you’re trying to set up. You should consider the complexity of the task like the huge e-commerce, blog, a school website, the feature you need will differ, that is why they have different plans as we shall see in the upcoming sections.

However, let me put it straight that Weebly is not for everyone. How? It is mainly for small businesses. Large web applications can’t be handled by Weebly despite the package features or plans. You will witness this yourself after we have covered the features section.

Before I dive into the topic, let us first get a list of topics we gonna cover as usual.

  • General Overview
  • What is Weebly
  • How is Weebly Different From Others
  • Weebly’s Usability
  • Weebly’s Design
  • Customization & Flexibility
  • Features
  • Pricing & Plans
  • About the starter Plan
  • Apps, templates, and others
  • Note: Getting a Business License
  • Other Important feature
  • Weebly Customer support
  • Customer reviews
  • Conclusion

That being said and without further due, let us get started

The General Overview

Usability Score: 5.0 out of 5.0

Website: Weebly.com

Weebly’s design: 4.0 out of 5.0

What is Weebly

It is simply management and building tools for the website without much hassle and knowing how to code from scratch. The Weebly service includes hosting. Hosting simply means the act of buying a space on the internet where your website will reside. So Weebly includes Hosting & Builder. The language supported by Weebly is English.

How is Weebly Different From Other Builders

Wix is not the same as other Website builders such as WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, and others. We are going to be very neutral while talking about the features that make Weebly different from other builders. It can be different from them either positively or negatively.

Weebly’s Usability

The usability score given to Weebly is actually 5.0 out of 5.0. Weebly is very easy to use and straight forward as compared to other builders. Even though many builders out there use drag and drop, the Weebly’s is far better. You can easily build and add any kind of block into your website i.e videos, graphics, documents and so much more. This means you can easily build gallery-based websites without any issue or complications.

The learning curve of Weebly is very high. You can get used to the Weebly platform in just a week if not a single day. The dashboard is self-explanatory. You are just direct towards what you can select, where you can drop, and how it can be useful.

Weebly’s Design

The website built with Weebly appears as if it was developed with a smart web designer. You get this design for absolutely free and Weebly. You get Web design when using any plan without the need of upgrading to a higher plan.

You can even make responsive website design because Weebly has got a feature where you can view your website on mobile so that you make sure that your website is 100% mobile responsive. Remember now, mobile users are more in number than those using laptops and desktops.

The Weebly-built websites look professional to the extent that the visitor will never know. Remember that WordPress websites are easily noticeable by just looking at them without even using tools that check the technology used on a particular site.

I will not rate Weebly’s design 5.0 out of 5.0 simply because the blog design looks so ancient. It looks like the websites that emerged in the 1990s era. So I rate it to 4.0 out of 5.0 because many businesses now are blog-based

One advice for those looking to manage their content themself through Content management, please simply opt for WordPress and Wix

Basically, if your business primarily makes money off your content, Weebly probably isn’t for you.

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Flexibility & Customization

The customization part of Weebly is rated at 4.5 out 5.5 and let me show you why. Even though some of the popular website builders like Shopify and Squarespace are awesome, but this platform out-competes all of them.

Using Weebly each and everything can be customized in just one area. For example, if you want to change and customize anything, you will not need to switch between different tabs, it is just a matter of clicking on a given button. All the buttons are well labeled with names that are corresponding to the tasks they do.

This customization is so related to usability. You will need to understand them bot so as to get a general idea.

In the due course of development, you can make use of the available ready to use apps from the Weebly app store. This store can at least try to boost your e-commerce activities even though I have mentioned above that Weebly is not that good for eCommerce. Using this app store for social media integration as well as exploiting the resources to run your blog smoothly can be a bit tiresome.


I am not going to specify Weebly feature because I have already mentioned most of them in this article but get to know how Weebly deals with the following at least:-

  • Online-store: Setting up an online store with Weebly will need you to upgrade to another plan rather than the basic one. But if you opt for Squarespace, you can get a free online shop plan that lasts forever. It may have fewer functionalities but you always have to remember that one(1) is better than zero(0).
  • Blog: Yes, Weebly provides free blog functionality and you can make use of it as well.
  • Product limits: In order to sell any number of products you may think of, of course, you need to select another plan that is not basic. Don’t worry about plans and pricing because we are going to talk about these two, very soon.
  • Credit card payments: Credit card payments are supported through available plans as well. On Squarespace, you just integrate.
  • SSL Certificate: This is mandatory for each website you are wishing to host online. This protocol will help to encrypt data in transfer. Fortunately, Weebly provides this.
  • Responsive Templates: With no doubt, Weebly is so popular to have website templates that are not responsive. They are all optimized for mobile suitability.
  • Themes: You will get access to 23 free themes to use.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: Don’t expect this, trust me. Unless you do not mean Weebly!

Pricing & Plans

What is The Weebly Website Builder

Weebly has three different plans. You can select whatever you see suits your online business. Of course, the higher the price of the package/plan, the more functionalities you will get.

Let us see these four plans. They are listed below accordingly:-

  • Connect
  • Pro
  • Business
  • Performance

Then you should be knowledgeable that the functionalities of the starter plan were discontinued by Weebly. If you want to get started, consider opting for the Connect plan. Let us see these plans in detail:-

  1. Connect Plan: If your aim is all about online presence, this basic connect plan is your take. It only costs $8 monthly.
  2. Pro Plan: If you are expecting to make some good amount of money from your blog, consider upgrading or selecting the Pro plan because of its advanced features that can at least help your business to be locomotion. You will get the capability of registered your domain with this plan as well as getting access to the unlimited storage available.
  3. Business Plan: If you are planning to dive into e-commerce, this is your best option. This will even let your customers check on your domain name and this leads to credibility in the business and you appear more legitimate.
  4. Performance Plan: This is the full package that includes carrying out most -not all- of online businesses like e-commerce and online store. Email marketing is also included here whereby your customers will always be available and come back to buy through notifying them when a new product is available.

Those are the four plans that are currently available at Weebly. Take time to perform a better choice without exploiting so many resources and without money wastage as well.

Apps, templates & Others Pricing

When using Weebly, you have to know that there is a time you will need to pay for some apps as well as templates so that your business can stand out online,

A few years back, most of Weebly apps were free but this change, You are expected to pay some bucks around $10 or $20.

Templates are also known at a standard price of $49. So the things can be costly with Weebly especially when your business is not making some good profits

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Note: Getting a Business License

Weebly requires business owners to at least submit a business license. if you do not submit it, they will keep on sending you warning messages. Remember, it is not that easy to get a business license and can be somewhat costly.

Other Important Features

I am going to mention two(2) more features that are so important especially when you are trying to set up an online business.

  • Search Engine Optimization: This is the most used SEO as an acronym. This factor is so crucial and it is simply making your website be recognized by the popular search engines like Google, Yahoo as well as Bing. This can be easily handled with Weebly with hassles.
  • Weebly Customer Support: Sincerely speaking, if you want to know the sick part of Weebly, it all rotates around Customer support. If you are used with the 24/7 stuff, stay far away from the platform.


As I am concluding this today’s article, I am pretty sure that you had a question like What is the Weebly Website Builder. Let me hope this article has at least tried to highlight what you wanted to know about.

This article only splits the facts. Now the ball is in your hands to decide whether Weebly is the great option that suits your business. Whenever you read our articles, don’t forget to drop your personal experience with the topic. You can help us improve our content by commenting down below in the comment box. One of our authors will be very happy to reach out to you with a nice and awesome response.

Thank you for reading.


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