What is Wealthy Affiliate Training?

What is Wealthy Affiliate Training

This article specifically explains to you What is Wealthy Affiliate Training. I am not going to cover the general review of Wealthy Affiliate. I will be talking about the Wealthy Affiliate training only since its one of the topics I have got many questions about.

I am going to give you my personal experience since I have been a Wealthy Affiliate member fo quite a long time now.

Before we start our main topic, these are the main topic I am about to cover, namely:-

  • Wealthy Affiliate Training Overview
  • A Brief Introduction About Wealthy Affiliate
  • What is Wealthy Affiliate Training
  • Types/Levels of Wealthy Affiliate Training Available
  • Weekly Live Classes
  • Community Member Articles & Training
  • Pros and Cons
  • Conclusion

Wealthy Affiliate Training Overview

Category: Affiliate Marketing TrainingSource Website: www.wealthyaffiliate.com

Founders/Creators: Kyle & Carson

Overall Training Rating: 4.8 out of 5.0

Mode of Learning: Task-based

Now after looking at that brief overview, let us shift to the introduction about Wealthy Affiliate it’s self before we look at the training this platform offers

A Brief Introduction Wealthy Affiliate

Many people describe Wealthy Affiliate in different ways basing on different reasons just because its awesomeness is experienced differently. For me, I define Wealthy Affiliate as the Real Home of Affiliate Marketers. I do not mean that Wealthy Affiliate is everything but on my side, it is the best even though I will spot some of its cons in terms of training. This means this article is 100% unbiased.

Wealthy Affiliate is an online platform where you meet millions of Affiliate Marketers as well as online entrepreneurs of all kinds as well as different levels that are sourced from different parts of the globe.

The platform can teach a complete novice on how to get started with setting up an online business through uses the online available resources such as the website. You get taught everything you need to do so that your business can stand out to out-compete the big sites that have established a good reputation online. We are going to see how.

Now I am sure what Wealthy Affiliate is. Let us now get some knowledge about one of the features that make Wealthy Affiliate awesome and worthy.

What is Wealthy Affiliate Training

Wealthy Affiliate Training is not a term that you will need to get its specific definition simply because, the definition does not exist. But I am going to try my best to explain to you so that you get t know what this Training is.

It is a Level-based, task-based, updated step-by-step training that gathers each and everything concerning Affiliate Market as well as everything related to Affiliate Marketing.

Now, let us get more specific in the next section. We shall know what the reality of Wealthy Affiliate is.

Types/Levels of Wealthy Affiliate Training Available

Wealthy Affiliate Training is very organized in two forms mainly:-

  • Tracks
  • Levels

Online marketing can be expressed in a way where you refer someone to a given product or service and get a nine commission over that. Wealthy Affiliate Training does not teach you only that. You are also taught how to promote Wealthy Affiliate as a platform and get recurring commission till infinite. Those are the two main tracks I am talking about. Summarized below:-

  1. The track of promoting all the products available online through Affiliate Programs
  2. The track of promoting Wealthy Affiliate through sharing your personal experience with the platform.


We are going to make these very clear below:-

These are the Types of Wealthy Affiliate Training:-

Now ignore the above tracks we have just talked about recently and concentrate on this section. After understanding this, you will be having a clear view of the previous section as well as this one its self.

We mainly have TWO TYPES of the Wealthy Affiliate Marketing Training that are also further sub-divided into levels, namely:-

  1. Online Entrepreneur Certification – Corresponds to Track 1
  2. The Affiliate Bootcamp – Corresponds to Track 2

Those are the two Kinds of training available at Wealthy Affiliate. Let us break them down.

1. The Online Entrepreneur Certification

This is one of the two main training routes on Wealthy Affiliate. Here you are taught right from the very beginning of each and everything. From the term what is Affiliate marketing? Remember. These courses are task-based whereby every day you implement a newly learned concept to the real world.

In the Online Entrepreneur Certification, you will learn the basics of promoting products and services because many products out there, are busy looking for a market. So you can take this chance to guide customers towards the best products hence getting paid. The certification covers all that it takes to be successful in this field or track,

This certification has got 5 courses/levels each accommodating 10 lessons hence resulting in 50 lessons. The five levels are:-

  1. Getting Started
  2. Building Your Own Producing Website
  3. Making Money
  4. Mastering Social Engagement, and lastly,
  5. Achieving maximum success through content creation.

All of the above courses are the parts of the Online Entrepreneur Certification and are covered in detail.

2. The Affiliate Bootcamp Certification

In this case, it is a bit different because, In the Affiliate Bootcamp Certification, we have Seven(7) Courses/levels included making. Each course has got 10 lessons hence totaling up to 70 lessons.

This is a certification that you take in case you have decided to become a Wealthy Affiliate affiliate partner who promotes their platform.

This route is a bit extensive compared to the other first certification because of the inevitable reasons available. You know the online working field is not very easy, especially for beginner affiliate marketers. So it was mandatory to add other extra topics.

Another reason why this certification is a bit extensive, it is simply because it almost covers all of the content that is covered in the Online Entrepreneur certification – because these are the basics of affiliate market without regarding what you are promoting – then the other topics that are related to Wealthy Affiliate are added as well.

The 7 courses/levels that are included in the Affiliate Bootcamp are summarized below as well:-

  1. Getting Your Business Rolling
  2. Content, Keywords, and Conversions
  3. Giving Your Site Social Value
  4. Get Visual, Get Aesthetic. Get a Brand Through Media
  5. Knowing your Audience and catapulting referrals
  6. Bing, Yahoo & the Power of PPC
  7. How to Scale Successful PPC Campaigns

Those are all sub-courses, imagine what you can learn from this platform’s training.

Weekly Live Classes – Known as Webinars

Since technology and the internet, in general, is something that changes every day at s rocket speed, updates are very crucial. Wealthy Affiliate has got a weekly Webinar or lives class whereby one of the platform experts give out new updated Affiliate Marketing skills to the platform members.

These live classes must exist 4 times a month. This is something awesome because it gives you more live and fresh training other than just reading and following ready-made tutorials that are not even updated at all. Think about that. It is awesome to me and I hope the same on your side.

Community Member Articles & Training

Since this platform is full of Affiliate Marketers of different levels from beginner, intermediate to advance, some of the good-hearted members can write motivating articles to let the beginners stay strong. Remember these refresher articles do not only help beginners only, the advanced affiliate marketers also find the useful.What is Wealthy Affiliate Training

Premium members after spending more than 3 months in the business, they are also allowed to create some courses to help those who can find them useful. This makes the platform full of new courses that are produced daily.

Even Wealthy Affiliate has a ton of other new courses that are created each and everyday supplementing to the readily available content. So the training is more than awesome and can be relied on.

The owners of Wealthy Affiliate simply refer it to the Wealthy Affiliate University. But it is even more than a university and you can not confirm this unless you have experienced the quality content and help given on this platform.

Pros and Cons

Even if something is too good, it will always get accompanied with some bad things. And you have to remember that too much of anything is always bad. When I wanted you to know What is Wealthy Affiliate Affiliate Training, I have mentioned all the reality about it whereby most of it is positive, but there is nothing 100% good.

That simply means we are going to summarize some of the main Pros of the Wealthy Affiliate Training as well as the Cons.

Let us get started:-


  • You implement what you learn immediately
  • Always updated content
  • Taught by Expert with the experience of more than 10 years
  • Free to get started – No credit card required
  • Short tutorials and easy to understand notes
  • Live Help where you get stuck
  • Direct access to the trainers, through live chat, private messages, and emails
  • Organized content
  • Accurate information
  • Video, image, and notes approach, you select what you prefer.


  • Instructors can be boring, they are too much on the business
  • Too much content access – Can lead to intimidation
  • The next topic assumes that you implemented all the tasks that are accompanied by all of the previous topics.
  • Sometimes the tasks are too easy. They let you assume the business is too easy, you know!


In this article, I have not only provided you with a review of what is Wealthy Affiliate Training, but I have also given you the experienced I have passed through myself a couple of years I have spent on the platform because. at least I know how it works.

The mentioned above are not the only ways you can gather knowledge on Wealthy Affiliate. There are a question and answer tools where you can get some good information through revising the questions that were asked a few days back. Even if someone has just asked a question, you can take that opportunity to learn from those who are going to answer.

You can also acquire knowledge through directly contacting expert members in their inbox and you ask where you find some difficulties. Wealthy Affiliate members are always ready and willing to help.

That’s all I can say. I conclude by letting you know that any thought regarding this article is highly welcomed. You can drop your questions and points of addition down in the comment box. One of our authors will be very happy to help you out.

Thank you for reading. Peace!

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