When Is The Quarantine Ending?

When Is The Quarantine Ending?

COVID-19 of corona type is every day increasing tension, threat, and terror among people from all around the world. When I first heard about it in December last year, I thought it will be like other diseases the world has seen. When I saw the news on Aljazeera about this virus for the time, I was like “bad flu came and went, also this coronavirus will disappear in no time”. On the contrary, this virus has proved to be the most dangerous the world has ever seen. There might be other more dangerous viruses but what makes COVID-19 to be the number one is the fact that it can easily be transmitted from one person to the other and it kills in a very short period. Its activity in Wuhan led many authorities to put measures that could combat this deadly virus. But all in vain. By now at least every country has tested the sourness of this pandemic. Even in countries where no confirmed case has been registered, measures are already in place to control the spread of this virus, these include lockdown and movement restrictions in some parts of those countries. On that basis, many people are asking themselves When Is The Quarantine Ending? these lockdowns, movement restrictions, and social distancing are destroying businesses.

Before we continue, let us take a moment of silence for those who lost their lives Due to this pandemic in ITALY, SPAIN, USA, IRAN, INDIA, GERMAN, CHINA, TURKEY, UK, Switzerland, FRANCE and all from around the world.

My Condolence Message to those who lost there loved ones

May their soles rest in peace

Covid 19 condolence messae

When Is The Quarantine Ending?
When Is The Quarantine Ending?

When Is The Quarantine Ending?

Several authorities have set dates on which they EXPECT the quarantine to end. To know the actual date when the quarantine will end in your country, state or region try to specify your search in google or other browsers indicating the specific area where you would like to know the end date of the quarantine. But before you go, you need to put in mind that any date specified by the authorities is just an assumption based on the current or previous situation, So there might be adjustments accordingly. In the next paragraph, I will be sharing How you can utilize your quarantine period to be more productive and start something that can take you through a thousand quarantines and I will show how you can make staying at home your best friend yet making more money than days before the quarantine.

Being An Opportunist In The COVID 19 Situation.

Many opportunists are exploiting this COVID 19  situation for their selfish motives and among these may include but not limited to those who hoard essential items, those who raise prices, and more. Starting an online business in this situation can not be considered as being an opportunist but rather a visionary.

Opportunist vs visionary


The Oxford Dictionary defines opportunism as “the practice of looking for and using opportunities to gain an advantage for oneself, without considering if this is fair or right.” I’m not sure if moral rationale should be part of the definition, and therefore it can be simplified as “An opportunist is someone that finds and takes advantage of opportunities.” Does that sound like you?


Unlike an opportunist, a visionary not only finds opportunities, but they can sustain a vision – a direction. A visionary can differentiate between opportunities of the moment and sustainable opportunities for the future. A visionary is an opportunist, but an opportunist is not a visionary. learn more

Starting An Online Business.

Once you decide to effectively use your quarantine period, things might not be the same after. This is the period when you have all the time you need to lay the foundation of your business and scale it to any level you need. On normal days before quarantine, we always have a busy schedule while limiting us from engaging in many staff. An Entrepreneur is one who efficiently utilizes a would-be problem and turns it in a life long opportunity.

What skills Do Need To Start An Online Business

Even though I do have enough programming and IT skills background, it was the commitment that allowed me to be successful in the online business space. I have gone through trials and flaws as an online business owner, I have attempted many opportunities and systems some of which gave me a set-back and others a way forward. It helped me to thrive as an online business owner and on that ground, I am assuring you that your tech know-how will contribute little to zero of you as an online entrepreneur. Your success will heavily depend on the way you handle your trials and errors.

Characteristics of all successful online business owners

  • They chase a goal and they are persistent.
  • They have a mentor. This has to be someone who has more knowledge in that particular field.
  • They follow their hobbies more than jumping into any niche because they think it’s profitable.
  • They are updated to what’s trending in their field and technology.
  • They treasure people.
  • They continuously learn to acquire more knowledge and they adjust according to changes.
  • They provide value, This is the most important all because if you have no value to provide to people they will not stay around you.

How much money do you need to start an online business

Probably you are wondering about how much money you’ll require to start an online business? This question might run through your mind when you think of creating an online venture. But you should stay calm because there are different ways for you to start an online business. Unlike other forms of business, there is a possibility of creating your online business without spending even a single dollar, here I mean starting your online business for free. I always advise you to start a free online venture because at the begging you will be more in learning how things are done, setting up your website, and other foundational activities of your business. You will not be earning anything at this stage so avoid unnecessary spending. You will need to spend some money after this stage and below are some of the things that will need money.

  • Changing from a free host to your own domain e.g your name.com, .org, etc. a .com is more preferred because its what people often use while searching for things. A domain name will cost you about $13++ paid once a year.
  • Website hosting will also cost you can cost $30++ per month, this is when you get a hosting company that will provide everything in one place including website builders, security, training, SSL, Spam blocker, traffic, bandwidth, storage and more.
  • Marketing your business is the hardest part of all but it is doable. At this stage, it’s about you to set your budget according to your ability. You shouldn’t be scared of this stage because you can do the marketing for yourself until when you can make some money then you can adjust later.

After this stage when your site is trustable, you have enough unique visits per day and you are making some reasonable sales is when you will know that you didn’t make the wrong choice.

Do I need to be educated to run an online business?

If you’ve ever visited a website you can own a website. If however, you desire to learn more about computers and the internet to run your business there are various classes and training materials available both on and offline. Your academic levels matter less.

What legal requirements do you need to run an online business?

You require to keep your business authorized. Without the trust of your clients, it is difficult to succeed in the business world. Avoid any shady situations. There are given legal standards that you need to master but you can learn them slowly in the training 

Speaking of time

Once you have decided to start an online business it is a good idea to budget your time. The good part about online businesses is that you set your schedule. To maintain a successful online business you must be prepared to commit a good part of your day to your business.  Make sure you use the time you have carefully and productively. That is all about this article that I named When Is The Quarantine Ending? See you at the top and wish you the best. Let me hear your opinion in the comment box below. Cheers.

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  1. A rather comprehensive post here and thank you so much for giving this post out. To be honest, I really appreciate the indepthness of this post and how much details you have supplied. Personally, I prefer to be the visionary rather than opportunist because just taking minor opportunity would not create a stream of income for life. Thank you for this very in depth post out here

  2. Thanks for this wonderful article.

    This global pandemic Covid-19 is really a big threat to nation’s economy and human life at large. It’s stopped so many persons from working and even earning.

    The truth is nobody actually knows when this quarantine will come to an end, all that have been said so far are all assumptions just as you’ve mentioned here. So it’s important one venture into an online business/platform where he or she can earn. For me affiliate marketing is a nice option for an online business it’s what majority of us do now and it’s really yielding great returns

    • Thanks for such a great comment, working online is the only solution for the who are working and those who need additional income.

  3. Thank you very much for this insightful piece. Fear has actually gripped the entire world with regards to the pandemic and the escalating death toll. But, as you have said and as it is rightly known, one of the ways the government has tried to curb this pandemic is through quarantine. But, if everyone is told to stay indoors, there certainly will come a time when feeding and other means of livelihood will become difficult for most people. To therefore provide a solution is that which you’ve just made known. Being a visionary opportunist at a time like this would ease off the burden that might ensue. Nice piece.

  4. Actually the Spanish flu killed 50 million people which is roughly 1/4 of the worlds population. COVID-19 hasn’t come up to anywhere near those levels. But in today’s modern world people just aren’t used to being told what they can and cannot do so this lockdown is hitting them pretty hard. I do agree that now is the time to try different things and start an online business in order to feed your family.

  5. Very comprehensive article on being a visionary within a worldwide health challenge, and the ways to go about it. It is most definitely not a time to be selfish but to find ways to bring viable solutions to others having difficulties, problems, and painful experiences. When we concentrate on the solution with the intention to being of benefit to others all works out well in the end. The skills which you outlined in order to create and maintain a successful online business are very valuable and make a lot of sense. When money is not our motive, but rather helping others, money flows to us effortlessly. That’s why good business strategies always have to be coupled with personal growth so that we become the person capable to handling the success which follows in a mature way. I appreciate this article very much and look forward to your future writings.

  6. Good topic to pay attention on the current situation the world is going through and to utilizing the time to make some source of income which could have been spent in anxiety any worries. No doubt this current situation is an ideal example for need of becoming online entrepreneur as due to lockdown in many parts of the world we cannot step out of our houses. We can use this time into developing our online skills or complete our pending tasks. Thanks for this wonderful insight.

  7. Without a doubt, there has never been such a time as this that the whole world has experienced, at least not in most of our lifetimes. I was not around during the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic. I was not around during the bubonic plague, either. Really devastating times in our world’s history.

    No one really knows when this will “end” or if it even will end in such a way that we no longer have to fear it. I heard a new forecast that predicted we could have to practice social distancing until well into 2022. That is a scary thing.

    Having a way to make an income even in these hectic and unpredictable times is certainly something that I am interested in pursuing as are many others. Building trust is the best way to get someone to trust that this is an excellent way to help our lives.

    Your article was insightful and made me think of many possibilities and will be exploring them from home during this pandemic.

  8. First of all my prayer and wishes with those who are affected by Covid-19 and meanwhile thanks for this great article. Yes due to this pandemic, it has badly affected our economy and job. Our company has closed due to coronavirus and will be paid 0nly 25% of our salary for this month. So It’s the perfect example to start a second income source, otherwise its very hard to survive. So income online sounds good, while searching how to make money online I found your post has been very informative. Thanks again for taking the time to write this post.

  9. This is a very timely post and I have been asking myself this question over and over again. When exactly will the quarantine end? No one knows, but while we morn the dead and wait, I love your suggestion of being productive. I’ll go with the visionary option. Starting a business and Sustaining it. 

  10. All the best to you too, in this lock down phrase of the virus. I am hoping the deaths stop and the suffering of the poor souls caught with the virus ends soon. 

    What happens to the world next we cannot know. governments make decisions, that are usually wrong. If your an online worker you may have more opportunity now than you had previously.



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