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WordPress and Wix review – 2020 Comparison

WordPress and Wix review – WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS). It is free and open-source build for templates and plugins used to manage web content. It initially was for blogging but has rapidly grown to be used for forums, media galleries, online stores, and learning management systems (LMS). It is so popular and used all over the world by over 60 million websites. WordPress is categorized into two types:

  • Web hosted WordPress.
  • Self-hosted WordPress.

Web Hosted WordPress is SaaS (Software as a Service) tool for building and maintaining a website. This is the similarity with Wix because it provides a hosting service for your website at a premium price.

Self-hosted WordPress is a free form of using WordPress. You use an open source software downloaded from WordPress and used to manage content by users. It is free and can be upgraded and used at the pleasure of the user.

Wix is a software for cloud based web development services. It is free but charges for additional features. Wix users can add e-commerce plugins, community forums, online marketing, among others to their websites.

To compare and contrast these two will be based mostly on self-hosted WordPress vs Wix. With this in mind we can begin to compare these two giants.

1. Ease of Use

WordPress involves use of technical knowledge in some areas to make it seamless and easy to use. Popular for its plugins and extensions, there are some grey areas for technical expertise that need use of tutorials to get savvy. When you are faced with problems, finding a fix can be difficult or get you biting your fingernails using guess work. Recently they added Gutenberg to ease editing, collaboration, customization and multi-lingual form, an app having a fresh experience with a new block editor. Still, they have miles to cover in terms of ease while using WordPress.

Wix however is quiet easy to use when engaged in building a website. No software needs to be installed as everything is edited on your own browser. It uses a drag and drop feature which is intuitive, user friendly for beginners and when you want to add any functionality, just visit their App Market where features can be added at one click.

Wix is easier to use compared to WordPress.

2. Versus History

Lets say you go to buy a new tablet from a gadget shop. Obviously you considers factors like pricing, company and its history reputation to choose the best of the available. Yes! Even with WordPress and Wix, this matters.

So when deciding a platform for building your site you have consider the product history and user numbers. The more users and customers increases your chances of success when you start to use it. You also have a large market base, greater availabilty and availability of resources.

With this mind, lets stack up the history of these two web builder platforms.

So how do WordPress and Wix stack up on this front?


Founded in 2003, WordPress has grown into a highly popular web building platform that has a larger base of customers and is open source. Over 60 million websites use it and have thousands of independent developers that contribute to its growth.

WordPress and Wix review

Such a mammoth user base with open source nature means an active community constantly produces witty software products with reasonable prices app based for themes, extensions and plugins.


Wix was founded in in 2006 with over 3.8 million users (data sourced from wikipedia). It is not as popular as WordPress but of recent has been largely seen with aggressive advertising campaigns on YouTube featuring use of A-List actors and popular musicians.

Therefore WordPress covers a larger user base than Wix which qualifies it to be technically a safer and better bet. As a user this bolsters your confidence to use it.

That said, Wix will not be annihilated by WordPress popularity despite the latter being less user famous.

3. Designs and Flexibility


When you sign up with Wix, you have access to over 300 templates free of charge with slick, modern and customized looks for restaurants, blogs. This is separate from their mobile version templates that are separately created to suit this platform. THis two separate designing techniques are to help compete your website for both a desktop and mobile platform.

Signing up with WordPress means entering into a plethora of plugins and creative content apps like Gutenberg that are unmatched with beautiful themes. Gutenberg is an example of a well designed editor page builder that makes it easier to manage content displayed on the web. Themes that cost a buck include their Elegant Themes, but highly responsive and easy to use.

Remember that WordPress is easier on design if you are knowledgeable in CSS and HTML so that you can choose to modify your template’s code to fit exactly how you want your website to look.

This proves the point that Wix is an ideal fit for a website beginner to WordPress.

e-Commerce Flexibility

WoodPress already has a wooCommerce plugin that fits perfectly with avid online eCommerce users. With this plugin, you are able to do commercial feats online, grow your online business and surprisingly it is open source. With this plugin on WordPress you can set up a big company business very easily. also it supports many options when it comes to credi card payments.

Wix eCommerce online store is very easy to set up but has limitations which make it better suited for small businesses. Their shipping and taxes are very limited and one advantage it has is it supports also digital goods.

WordPress has many transaction and credit commerce options than Wix.

4. Site Optimization

Site optimization is a big deal because website with quicker load speeds get a positive nod from online users. Also, sites are ranked by search engines like Google for better results. It also improves a websites’ popularity and flow of traffic.

Wix adeptly helps one to change the title page or alt attributes with ease so that a page with heavy content especially images loads faster. However Wix is faulty when it comes to images. With it you are have title problems because the images are titled automatically. Names like ‘d4cccb26731e9~mv2.png’ are an eyesore, slowing down one’s site with cryptic titles. Also links come up with meaningless made up titles that make it more harder to sort your URL links and thus search engines find it difficult to organise your content for easier view by visitors.

With WordPress the best way to have site optimization is to adding a plugin with SEO capabilities like WP Rocket. Yoast and SEO is free and very valuable to improve your site optimization odds. Google Analyticator can also be used to improve your sites’ chances with Google Analytics integration.

Here a quick table to compare Wix and WordPress via SEO capabilities:

WordPressWixRanking Fact
Complete customization Customization can be done completelyHeading
Use plugin to customizeCustomization for any and all pagesPage Title
Customize using pluginAvailableTags
Customization via plugin
Meta description
Easy customization on all pagesMeta Description
Configuration must be done externallyAvailable on all oagesSSL Encryption
AvailableLimited to pages but not blog posts.Search Engine instructions
CustommizableCustomizableImage attributes

SEO is a winner with WordPress plugins available but easily usable on Wix without the need for any plugins.

5. Pricing

WordPress has free software but there are services it provides that will dig into your pocket. Thesed include;

  • Themes to design your website
  • Hosting so as to have store space for your new WordPress site. This you must pay for without which you can’t install WordPress. Hosting is available on sites like WP Engine.
  • Plugins that add functionability to our website.

Remember you have be a little tech savvy to use these features or know what to purchase. If you don’t you have to get a web developer to help you carry out such tasks which incurs more costs.

Their starting hosting prices include;

  • Personal at $4
  • Premium at $8
  • Business at $25
  • eCommerce at $45

When you check for their other hosting plans, then you might opt to using free themes because they have costly packages that can cost over $600. It shows that they are not as ‘free’ as you want to imagine.

Technically you can settle for their free themes,plugins and e-commerce integration which keep pointing out your need to invest more into your site.

Wix costs varying on location but as per information on US markets they have nine plans (1 is free). These include:

  • Free at $0
  • Business basic at $23
  • Enterprise $500 monthly
  • Business VIP $49
  • Business unlimited $27 monthly

Premium includes:

  • VIP at $24.50 monthly
  • Unlimited at $12.50 monthly
  • Combo at $8 monthly
  • Connect Domain 4.5 monthly

Free Wix is not advisable for professional sites and if you opt to use get ready for ads and restrictive functionality issues. You will have your arms’ tied behind your back when using free Wix features.

However with payments you will get key features and hosting advantages that transform your site visibly. You also get an increase on ‘video minutes ‘ as you purchase more of their products and apply them to your website (this will help sell video content to visitors on our website).

Commercially look at cost plans that can reach $420 when using Wix. with no serious need of a web developer.

Wix is cheaper in price than WordPress for hosting plans, themes and plugins.

6. Blogging

Wix allows you to create tags, post scheduling, categories and even where to feature related posts. Its interface is easy to use (drag and drop) and the layout editor is less impressive than the website editor. Though you can post, you are limited by features available to use. For GIFs, images, videos can be added but any other tasks must be performed HTML style. Also this makes it difficult for blogger beginners to get a familiar feel. It is not a better recommendation for avid bloggers due to its limitations unless you purchase more features and services.

WordPress however is blogger focused with its features. All the features are available from tags, block editors customized accurately for a hardcore blogger. Your blogs will be linked to your theme, which means that certain features could break unless you tweak them manually to avoid errors. There is technical knowledge involved but it is not daunting work for even a regular blogger.

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WordPress is editor rich compared to Wix.

7. Customer Support

WordPress is free and open source and so customer support is not provided. You can however get this services from creators of a theme and plugin that you have purchased from them.

WordPress and Wix review
Great Tech-Support

Wix have phone, chat, email customer support with all their packages except VIP support which enables a customer skip the waiting line for help.

All from the above point to the fact that the numbers can tell who is a winner. However we recommend that be familiar with whatever of the above two web development company you choose. Read a simple guide if you are a beginner so as to avoid difficulties when using either Wix or WordPress. It is you to decide which you prefer though figures and popularity from the above clearly draw the line on which is the better choice.

Verdict: WordPress and Wix review

All that being said, you have to finally know that WordPress has got a very strong reputation as well as a low regration rate.

However, Wix has started dorminating over WordPress just because of their marketing strategies.

Kindly leave your comments down below and I will be very happy to get back to you.

Thank you. Peace!

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